Monday, October 13, 2008

My Russian Craft Show

Well some of you maybe know that I was in Russia - Moscow - and one of my thing TO DO was Craft Show !!

I did it!
Well not so good as I wanted but it was the first try!
The main reason why it was not so good are
- Weather
- location
- theam ot the show

I was woried how I can bring QUITE A BIT stuff throught the custom on the plain - so it was very easy this time - I've got a lot already made - and I bring a lot of supplies for my Russian shop ...

The most intresting thing was that for the last week being me in Russia I got a lot orders - I made them and I sold them :)) (and it was throught one of our russian site kind of like Classmetters here )

So if you want to see and talk about my expirience - look at some photos and ask questions :)!

Russian Girl
Rita :)
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