Monday, February 27, 2012

My Thrifty Finds Malachite Bracelet

The other day I was so happy when I saw this malachite bracelet in our local Value Village store. I’m not an avid customer when it comes to jewelry and I will seldom wear something that has belonged to somebody else. Maybe it is that I simply believe that jewelry, clothes etc. carry remnants of the previous owner’s energy.
This particular malachite bracelet called my name sitting there in the display case and my dear husband purchased it for me. When I arrived home the first thing I did is to polish and clean it. It is a sterling silver and malachite bracelet, with the oval shape malachite surrounded in a simple silver bangle bracelet.
As a jewelry designer I truly believe in a gemstone’s capability of containing power. Later the same evening I took a look at the magical meaning of malachite as a stone and I was very surprised with what I found... Malachite is not a stone I usually work with. So to find that it has been used to aid success in business and protect against undesirable business associations was like it was meant to be made for me, especially considering events in my personal life as of late.
I also found that malachite can be used to identify step-by-step ways to achieve a goal. Malachite is a perfect aid in building wealth, or improving our lot in life both material and spiritually.

Now I know exactly why this bracelet and stone called my name. In some of my Russian collection of Books they tell that if you put malachite stones in corners of your retail shop that it will bring more customers to your business. Well I son't have a retail shop yet, so I just will wear this bracelet and smile about what it means to me.
I will consider to make some handmade jewelry with malachite for my on-line jewelry shop at

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Macrame and gemstones jewelry

Macrame jewelry is not only about hemp and funky beads. Now days many designers are trying to make macrame jewelry using wire or other thin threads or cords. I'm also with them on this path. I like experiment with different textured string materials while I'm creating something using macrame or how they also call it knotting.

I already showed you my latest find gold and silver threads I used to make MACRAME BRACELETS After I made those macrame bracelets I was thinking to make some earrings with beautiful gemstone beads.

This beautiful and light Sterling silver and smokey quartz earrings were made using wire and silver color thread. First I made a teardrop shape using 24G sterling silver wire. Then I used thread and made a lot of little knots over the frame.

Those lovely Sterling silver and lilac pearls earrings also made with wire and silver thread. Don't you think that the bride will look beautiful in those earrings. I put them into my Wedding jewelry collection for those who will love to have modern wedding but with the vintage touch.

I'll be happy to here what do you think about macrame jewelry in present time. Welcome to post links to your macrame jewelry so we could looks at your handmade macrame jewelry.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Gift Ideas

valentines gift ideas
Love is in the air. Do you feel that St.Valentines holiday is around the corner!? February 14 has become the date for exchanging love messages and a celebration of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. During this day people sending gifts, cards, flowers to loved ones and secret loves.

Handmade Valentines gifts will be great memory and will keep special warm thoughts for many years. Browsing etsy shops I visited one of my favorite shop and found this cute Lavender Sachets with LOVE SYMBOL

valentines gifts handmade
Many on-line stores having Valentines Day Sales you can find great deals on handmade jewelry, cards and other cute little gifts. Start shopping for handmade gifts and make you loves one happy

During Valentines day I'm offering 20% off on my handmade jewelry at RitaSunderland Beautiful free gift wrapping with your purchase. Limited edition jewelry with rare cut gemstones. Hurry This sale ends February 8-th. 2012.

valentines sale jewelry
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