Thursday, June 30, 2011

Look What I Made Anklet jewelry

Summer summer .. Still hopping for the hot days here in Seattle. and while I'm waiting I'm crafting. This week is pretty quite for me. Alexcia is at her grandma and our house is a very nice place for some thinking and non stop crafting. Summer is a good time for the anklet jewelry (by the way do you like or do you wear anklets?) and I took all my BAR LINK chain and start making them. I've got amethyst, topaz, black garnet and smokey quartz stones and here is what I got.
I'm still working to put everything in my store MyWayToSay

anklet garnet gold

Seattle hot Spots Paddle Wheel Cruises

New great deal I spotted in today’s Groupon. As I never been on Paddle Wheel Cruises I was happy to see this deal and I got it for my family. If you are planning to come and visit Seattle this deal will be great for you. Almost 50% of savings and two hours of nice trip on the Lake Union.
Just CLICK HERE sign up and get this great deal!
Departures 2011 - Wednesdays through Sundays:
May 23rd through September 18th: 11:00 am and 2:00 pm
September 19th through October 16th: 1:00 pm
Price Per Person:
Adult: $32.00 plus tax | Child: $16.00 plus tax (ages 5-12) | Child: No Charge (under 5)

Handmade By You Thursday

It is Thursday and it is time for “Handmade by YOU”.

Let’s link up our crafty goodness! Show us your latest creations. Tell your friends to come and post. It’s pretty new to my blog – but let’s see how many entries we can get?! You can post only one link every other week.

I'll be happy if you will join HANDMADE GIFTS community. Last week we got 12 entries, not bad for the first day. Let's see how many entries we can get this week.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Space Needle Restaurant

In the first PART of our review we gave some tips now time for the testy part.
My husband ordered the crab cakes for an appetizer….Damn they were good, got two and could have eaten a hundred! At the same time he got me a mudslide that was a dessert to start the meal, that man does not care about my hips! My husband ordered the Smashed Rye for his drink, let me tell you I liked his drink more and boy howdy it had some kick! Sky city drinks
Of course there was bread, but let me tell you the flavored butters they came with were fantastic.
sky city restaurant
For our meal he ordered me fresh from the sound Salmon with asparagus and fingerling potatoes, while he made a scene in the restaurant by getting the whole fried Rockfish for himself, with wasabi mashed potatoes and lemon spinach.
sky city reastaurant
Space needle food
Travel Seattle
My husband had lunch at the needle 20 years ago and was not impressed, this night was completely different, we both looked at the bill for $200.00 at the end of the evening and felt it was more than fair. Our waiter Fabio was from Brazil and was fantastic, welcoming and entertaining while always on top of it all! The food kicked booty and we walked away full and with a killer set of flavors in our mouths!
Seattle food

We capped the night off with local berry made iced teas, (yes the alcohol kind) and we split a warm chocolate drizzle cake with vanilla ice cream. The only hard part of the night was that it had to end. Kudos to the staff at the Space Needle for providing such an opportunity, take advantage of it yourself!

Want to see more Seattle photos ? Welcome to JTrentSunderland art work 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Handmade By You Thursday

Starting from now – every Thursday it’ll be time for “Handmade by YOU”. Let’s link up our crafty goodness! Show us your latest creations. Tell your friends to come and post. It’s pretty new to my blog – but let’s see how many entries we can get?! You can post only one link every other week.
I'll be happy if you will join HANDMADE GIFTS community

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've been featured

A stunning collection of "floral" earrings. This collection of earrings look like they have been "plucked" fresh from the garden! Enjoy these beautiful buds!!!"
Thank you Earthypossessions for your beautiful flower collection.

Little Diva - children jewelry

Welcome back to my readers. The other day there was finally a bit of sunshine here in Seattle and my daughter Alexcia (5 years old) was digging through my gemstones trying to take part in a new creation. Then she stopped and said, “I wish I had a beautiful necklace and bracelet”. So I thought why not? When she was 2-3 years old I was trying to make her some bracelets, but you know (if you’ve got baby girl)… we all want to put pretty and shiny things on them since the day they were born. However the truth is that usually most items ended up broken or thrown out of the stroller. Now that she turned five, she wanted jewelry and pretty things for herself. Good for her and for me, because now I know she will not ruin her new jewelry.
After I made a couple of sets, the fun parts began; she was modeling her new treasures. With great weather that day and the new jewelry made especially for her, it set the perfect mood for some photo shots and the results were just awesome.
“Little divas”, became the name of the new jewelry line for the cutest of girls. The whole idea was to make the same quality and design ideas like I make for adults. This meant using natural stones and pearls set in sterling silver or gold filled settings.
Now I need your help as my potential buyers:
  • Kids jewelry do you think it is a good idea? Yes or No
  • Natural materials or synthetics, which do you want to see on your children?
  • Will your daughter wear jewelry, just like mommy?
  • What do you think a good price range for high quality items for girls should be?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Extreme couponing Target

Thank you A THRIFTY MOM for her post about Q-TIP Deal at Target. While I was there I found a couple great deals as well.

First transaction

Q-TIPS 4* 1.89Total $7.56

Used GiftCard – $1.42

Out of the pocket $6.30 (with tax)

Got $5 in gift card back

Second transaction

Ritz Crackerful $2.48

Craft cheese (clearance) 2*0.99

Kids boots$2.48

Baby shampoo $1.89

Total $8.83 ( + tax)


Craft cheese $1 off (Target)

Ritz $1 off (Target)

Ritz $0.75 manufactured

Gift card $5

Out of the pocket $0.76

Total out of the pocket $7.06 (with tax)

I made it Macrame hemp neckalce

macrame hemp neckalce

Old style but new look

Macrame is one of the world’s oldest crafts which continue to survive in different mediums throughout the years. Most popular are plant hangers, how else can such a variety of pot hangers be made to create so many different looks from only a few inexpensive materials. I remember back in the 80-90th Macrame Curtains were also popular and I was the one of those who could make it. One of my latest creation black hemp necklace with moonstone pendant. By using only 2 knots you might create something like this. In this necklace I used Chinese crown knot and double half hitch knots The hardest knot is Chinese one, but after couple hours of practice and most important potions you will get there and believe me you will be proud of yourself. So here are examples of these 2 knots. Try and you’ll find it interesting!

Space Needle restaurant

An evening at the Space Needle restaurant

The evening was a dream come true, after almost 6 years of living in Seattle we finally got a chance to visit the historical Sky City restaurant in the Space needle. Well 6 years was too long, I had always thought of the Space Needle as a tourist location rather than a destination for pleasure. When the time came for me and my husband to have a date at the Space Needle I was more than a little nervous. A new place and a new experience, plus a rare night out without children to clean up after!

Our reservation was set at 5:15pm and we made sure to arrive there around 4pm to have time to walk around and take some nice pictures to remember the night by. We parked our car at the convention center covered parking, but had we known that valet parking was so close in price we could have saved a few blocks walk!

When you decide to have your evening there, make sure you set your reservation up weeks in advance. We could get one only at 5:15 pm, as all others were booked. We wanted a bit later in the evening, but it worked out just fine as we got to see the sunset from the upper observation deck. Your elevator ride and time on the observation deck are included when you have a meal.

Tip 1. Advance reservation is a MUST

Tip 2. Parking you have many options

Tip 3. Arrive early to get a window seat, first come first served.

Tip 4. Have cash on hand as with parking as well as all there is to do in the area, it is nice to not have to hunt for an ATM!

I couldn’t believe that entire restaurant would rotate 360 degrees, showing the whole city and Puget Sound. The first 30 minutes I was trying to collect myself, because all my emotions were screaming “Wow!” as the smells the views and the service just kept coming. I thought that I wouldn’t need to eat and just enjoy all the views, but the first appetizer and drink sure cured that idea!

Want to see what we ordered ?! CLICK HERE

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthstones - June

Birthstones June
June is a beautiful month. The first summer month which we always waiting for!
This month is full of wedding and happy moments. One of the June birthstones is pearl. Beautiful and elegant, pearls have long been the symbol of purity, class, and style they ere a part of the Royal families or something expensive not everybody can get. Now day it’s much easy. I like to work with the pearls and especially if I’m working on custom orders for the brides.
In many countries, pearls were worn as a declaration of wealth and power, and were used as a trinket to bring good fortune or to ward off evil spirits and to cure illnesses

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I made it Wire Weaving

Wire Weaving rings

Last week when I was shopping at Joan with great coupons I found on-line. I spotted one of the new book for me. It was Wire Jewelry and one of the projects got my attention. It was a wire weaving ring. After a couple of tries I did it and I absolutely like it !

In these rings I used chain and wire. You also can add some beads for more Fancy look.

So far I made 2 of them. One is in 14K GF with no stones for the classy look and the other is brass and copper with coffee quartz stone.

If you want to have one of this - but know that you can't make it - welcome to my shop RitaSunderland

woven jewelry
wire weaving ring

wire ring

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jo Ann Fabrics Deal

Good morning to all crafty people! It’s not often when we can see printable coupons for Joann fabrics store with 20% off your total purchase, which includes regular and sale priced items. Usually I see 40% off regular priced items. I’m going to get some of the beading wire as I’ve got some projects with pearls to finish. I’m planning to make some bracelets and necklaces as June’s alternative birthstone is pearl. It is also a perfect time to make wedding jewelry using lovely pearls.
So hurry and save some money you can use for other fun stuff.

PRINT your 20% off coupon HERE and you 40% one regular item Here

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fathers day gift ideas

Earrly this year I was giving review to one of my favorit shop, she did a great "makeover" job and now her store looks just amasing and I like unique name BelleCoccinelle

Father’s day is coming, and it is coming very soon.

This is holiday of all fathers, grandfathers, and little boys as future fathers.

It is tradition to give something special, some exclusive gifts to dads to assure them in our love.

Embroidered souvenirs could be great gifts, where every handmade stitch tells about sincere love to dads.
For example, you can give great gift like that to father who likes fishing:

He will be delighted to place it over his desk next to fisherman’s supplies.

Lavender filled pillows are very elegant gift for father who is neat and well-dressed:
Dresser with shirts and socks will be filled with long lasting lavender’s aroma

Birds nest with classical phrase of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I‘ll be back”, could be an awesome gift for father with great sense of humor.

It doesn’t make any sense to buy common gift to your loved one.

Unusual gift is always much more thrilling.

Please, come to the BelleCoccinelle store, you will find many great items.

If you have any great Father's idea gifts - welcome to post your link here !

Happy Father’s Day!

Friday, June 3, 2011

No more Sales Job

My husband was tired of sales and wearing a suit for what seemed to him to be a symbol of ownership. So how do you break this cycle and begin anew? My husband is a bit on the loose side..So when he found a new career and the last day of his old job he decided to send the world a symbolic message back. No more suits, no more sales and no more worrying about what the world thinks! Well the video I am attaching says it all..I am sure we will laugh about this for years. Why don't you give your ideas on symbolic rescue? I am sure we all have chains we would love to break!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've been featured

I'm happy to show you new collection - were I found myself today. I can't belive it's the 2-nd of June and there is no sun in Seattle. But this collection made me smile - so bright and real SunShine from those beautiful handmade goods.
Thank you again AyaDesigns for this beauty!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rare cut stones - amethyst

The other day when I was shopping my favorite place with tones of beautiful gemstones I spotted this lovely rich color amethyst. They are so clean with no inclusions at all. Interesting shape take my attention. It’s not a trillion cut – it’s more like dipyramid. I didn’t know this word in English (as you know – I’m Russian – and some English words are still mystery for me) – so one more new thing I learned today.
The most funny thing what happened – when I was making photos of the earrings I didn’t even see this, but when I came home and start working with photos – I noticed that the wire was putted in a heart shape .
Made with love for you … See more at my shop MyWayToSay
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