Friday, April 18, 2014

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Mother's Day.

Mother's day is around the corner, but you still have  time to make you shopping done.

Here is some Mother's day Gift Ideas for you.

Let's start with the Vintage gifts ideas. One of my favorite vintage bag is the pink one - right for the summer. This is Designer bag from OnceLostBoutique shop on Etsy.

If you mother or wife  enjoining vintage jewelry here is a beautiful black and turquoise jewelry set from Soviet Union.  I'm sure they will be excited to receive unique piece of jewelry. Please visit TimeAgain shop at Etsy. 
mother's day gift ideas

The next gift idea is for those who do like the smell of cinnamon. I found those cinnamon Sticks  in a PhytoBeautyCosmetics shop on Etsy. Click on the photo to get to the purchasing page. 

Another lovely mother's day gift idea - handmade soap with 

Black Chocolate and Green Indian tea. 

 handmade mother's day gift

If you mother is interested in designers vintage accessories then this beautiful red color Christian Dior silk scarf will surprised her .  

If you are shopping for the Mother's day jewelry gifts - take a look at this cool design. Original art pendant with a heart and word Mom. Pink ribbon necklace with mother of pearl shell. Shell art pendant from PickaTat shop on Etsy.

For those who does love art gifts I found this beautiful Purple Lilac print, you can even chose your own size.  Please visit Yuliartstudio on Etsy where you can find other beautiful art prints. 

I love this beautiful pink necklace. This will be also great for the Mother's day jewelry gift. Please visit Beautyland shop on Etsy and you can see other available colors. 

I also found this beautiful Hand Felted Flower Necklace 

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