Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Hubby is back with ETSY

Yes - and I'm very happy. We finally have time for some trips around Seattle. The last trip was Pacific Science Center. We love this place. Our little one always have fun there communicated and playing with other kids. One of our favorite place is . So the last photos in Jayson's shop is for those who like nature.

The best surprise for him was that he sold 3 prints as soon as he return to Etsy - WOHOO

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Australia week

So I decided that each Monday I’ll feature one if the country from Etsy artist. This week it’ll be Australia and some of the talented people from Etsy community.
The First artist is Nicole Whittakerart.
“Throughout my life I have lived all over Australia and have seen many different places before moving to where I currently live in Bundaberg Queensland.
An award winning Artist, I paint using whichever tools feel right to portray the emotion of the piece and my art is shown in many Queensland and Melbourne homes.
The inspiration for my art comes from many sources, such as nature, dreams, my own imagination and the life I have lived.”

The next featuring artist is Stelladesigns
“I began designing jewelry about 7 years ago I have always had to have some kind of crafty thing going on in my life but when I discovered jewelry designing I was hooked.

My favorite things in life besides designing are anything pink, 40 degree rainy summer days (although I have forgotten what rain feels like ;o)) shopping, shopping, shopping and a bit more shopping, staying up late and sleeping in, I am such a night owl.”

The next featuring artist is BonTons
I've been making quilts for 10 years since I had my first baby with all the little pieces and perfect points.
I made them for everyone!
After having a couple more kids time became scarce for big quilts. The kids love things that you can make fast and has a fabric that they love. If you put their name on it somehow it really says you made something special and unique just for them.

The last featured shop is BejewelledBespoke
Bejewelled Bespoke is a product of Trish’s love for fashion and jewelry design. She has been crafting her own jewelry for many years, making countless pieces on order for friends and family. Recently moving from sunny Australia to bead-capital Hong Kong, she spends her spare time trawling for gems, beads and other eclectic items for her jewelry box and thinking of her next design.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hunting for sea glass in the Seattle area

After watching a few TV shows about hunting sea glass on the beaches around San Francisco, I was inspired to try this experience myself. Living in Seattle with the tons of beaches in the area, I thought to myself… why not? I asked my husband to show me some places where glass might be found and we jumped in the car and started down the road. That in itself is an adventure; there are so many water front parks in the region.

I had my doubts to whether we would find anything, but it was so cool we found many different pieces the first time out. Within 15-20 minutes I found a few spots amongst the rocks where the glass seemed to settle on the beach. The wind was blowing strong from the west, but the bad weather didn’t stop me from digging through the wet and rough stones to find the glass I wanted. I found several pieces of amber, green, white, and the most beautiful orange glass.

Our daughter also has a blast turning over stones to discover all the different small crabs and throwing stones to the tide. It was a great time together as a family.

Now I’m waiting for the next Sunday and praying for the weather to cooperate, I want to go
hunting for more glass!

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