Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Garnet designer jewelry

black and red garnet necklace

Garnet is a featuring stone of “Black Tango” collection. Everybody is used to a red garnet, but we have found for you Black Mystique Garnet.

What will symbolize the connection between the classic tango and human relationships? This is how the “Black Tango” collection was created for St. Valentine’s Day. The main colors of classic tango are black, red, and white. We picked black onyx, red and black garnet to symbolize “tango” and relationship between two people.

Monday, January 10, 2011

January birthstone gift ideas

Garnet is the January Birthstone. Everybody who was born in January and believes in the magic and healing properties of this stone, will be happy to get handmade jewelry as a gift made using this stone.

Garnet is a stone that elicits constant vivid emotions.

Garnet is a stone of love that is capable to start affairs and keep the spirit happy. It repulses sadness and brings joy the owner. Red garnet increases sexuality, calls for the feelings of courage, stimulates wish and stamina, develops sense of self-esteem.

Here is some jewelry with the natural Garnet stones

Beautiful and rich looking garnet necklace in 14K GF. Unique beads like a real pomegranate seeds. This is one of the most selling necklace at
garnet necklaceThose earrings was named "Tango to Three". Dramatic and flirty look makes them so unique. Love this design and I made a lot of earrings with different stones in this style.
garnet earings 14K GF
january birthstone garnetThose one is the last I made and I wanted to try to play with red and white . I think they are pretty cute. Rare cut heart shape faceted garnet will be also great for the Valentine's gift of love.
garnet pearl earrings
garnet heart jewelryFor more jewelry ideas for January Birthstones I'll be happy to see you at my handmade jewelry site
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