Friday, December 7, 2012

Quote of the week

Take a look what I found for today. 

That's explain why most of us like to have some sweets when we are stressed! 

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Thank you ) 

health and stress

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Send a gem to those you love.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Felted flowers. Christmas gift ideas.

flower brooch

Early this month I was posting some Christmas gift ideas for her. One of the gift idea was a very lovely felted flower. And today I would like to share with you some fashion tips how you can wear those flowers. 

Back when I was selling my homemade jewelry on Etsy I met Irina ( and since that time we became a good friends. She creates beautiful gemstone jewelry and she is also learned how to felt. In her felted collection you can find earrings and felted flowers.

Here is some ideas how you can wear those beautiful flowers. 

felt brooch flower
Pink felted flower brooch 

felted brooch
Yellow felted flower brooch 

felted flower pin
White and pink felted flower 

Grey flower brooch 

felted pin for scarfs
Red and black flower brooch

Each flower Irina creates in her studio and she knows for sure how to bring those beautiful felted flowers to life.  Choose the one you like the best and you can wear it with the scarfs or like a pin on your favorite dress. If you like headbands simple attach your flower to headband and you've got new look with beautiful flowers. 

Those felted brooches will be great for  any ages. Everybody love flowers so don't wait and get your felted flower brooch or pin  during this Christmas holiday. 

Find her Pinterest 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quote of the week.

Being a mom is the hardest yet most enjoyable lifetime achievement a woman can do.

Being a mom is the best given gift to me. Seeing how my daughter grows everyday is  what makes me wake up and give her my first smile. I get the smile back. 

Thais why I created a Circle of Love rings for me and my daughter. One day she'll be a Mom too.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Gift ideas for Him

Shop handmade this holidays.
Gift ideas for Him! Best of handmade 2012

Holidays are coming and I decided to make the daily posts with Handmade Gift Ideas.
Every morning come back to see what I chose for my readers.

Most of handmade items featured on my blog are handmade by Mom entrepreneur. And shopping with them you are helping they  kids to have an awesome holidays.

Today I will show you some gift ideas for the most hardest people to shop! You are right.

Gifts for Him. Part II  (Gifts for Him. Part I)

Gift ideas for him 2012.
Unisex bracelet 
Unisex Black Lava Stone Bracelet - by Jewels for Hope. This bracelet has been Featured in The 2012 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge & Emmys Gift Lounge. Give him celebrity style gift. 

Best gift ideas for him 2012.
Message bracelet 

Silver and Leather Bracelet - by 2 Sisters Handcraft. Send a message to your beloved. Order your custom hand stamped spinning statement bracelet on silver and leather and personalized with a message.

steampunk style men's accessories
Cuff links

Smith and Wesson bullet cufflinks - by Release me creations. What a cool idea. Super edgy cufflinks are made from 40mm Federal Smith and Wesson Federal Bullet Casings that have been washed, polished, hand-cut, sanded and smoothed into the perfect little set of bullet cufflinks. 

Best gift for him 2012.
Eyeglasses holder

Black beaded eyeglass chain leash - by Beautyland. If you tired helping him searching for his glasses make you life a bit easy. Give him those eyeglass holder and give yourself a bit of rest. Now his eyeglasses will be always  with him. 

soap for men, gift ideas 2012

Eye of the Dragon - by Bubble Bath Boutique. This mysterious, alluring blend has warming notes of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli. Layers of romantic notes such as rose, jasmine and lilac. Light touches of blood orange and grapefruit.

Hope you had fun with this choice.  You might also like to see Gift ideas for Her

Mommy's moments. Dentist.

First dentist visit
At the dentist. 
Don't  worry I think it was one of the best experience for my little girl. This photos were taken before the doctor looked at her teeth. They were perfect. One of the best teeth he saw. She spend less then 5 minutes  in this chair giggling and having fun. 
Kids faces at the dentist
At the dentist. 
I'm the one who always passed out in front of the dentist buildings. While we were waiting for the doctor I asked Lexi to sow me her teeth... Well she is very emotional. You can see this on photos !  

Love you, Lexi.  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gift ideas for her.

Shop Handmade this holidays and be Unique. 
Shop handmade this holidays

Holidays are coming and I decided to make the daily posts with Handmade Gift Ideas.
Every morning come back to see what I chose for my readers.

Gifts for Him. Part I. 

Most of handmade items featured on my blog are handmade by Mom entrepreneur. And shopping with them you are helping they  kids to have an awesome holidays.

Take a look what I chose for today's  gift show.  

Gifts For Her. Part I. 

Flower brooch 

Purple Pink Felted Flower Brooch - this gorgeous handmade felted flower brooch is a super fun accessory! Bring a new look to your favorite jacket, hat, shirt, necklace, or handbag!  Most of girls will like this color. 

gifts for her. best gift ideas 2012
Love Necklace 

I love you to the moon and back copper necklace - what a beautiful necklace. I like when artist is mixing different metals. Get creative and make this necklace custom by adding her name. This shop is also offering gift certificate in case if it will be hard for your to choose the right gift. 
best gift ideas 2012. Gifts for her
Soap gifts

Chocolate Lovers Gift Set what an awesome treat for her! This fabulous Chocolate lovers soap gift set includes 4 of our ciccolato cocoa butter soaps and two of our decadent lip balms. A guilt-free gift without the calories! 

best gifts for her. Gift ideas 2012
Pearl necklace 

Copper - Silver Necklace with Pearls - such a beautiful necklace to be gifted during this holidays. Sterling silver Necklace accented with copper wire wrapping glass Swarovski pearls. 

Aqua earrings 
Sterling Silver Aqua Chalcedony Earrings - for those who love simplicity in jewelry. Beautiful aqua color will remind her about nice time  your spend at your last vacations. 

What did you like ? Post your Gift Ideas and maybe I'll include it to my list. 

You might want to take a pick at my Gifts for Him. Part I. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gift ideas for Him!

Shop Handmade this holidays and be Unique. 
Shop handmade this holidays

Holidays are coming and I decided to make the daily posts with Handmade Gift Ideas.
Every morning come back to see what I chose for my readers.

Most of handmade items featured on my blog are handmade by Mom entrepreneur. And shopping with them you are helping they  kids have an awesome holidays.

Today I bring some gift ideas for the most hardest people to shop! You are right. 

Gifts For Him. Part I. 

Guitar bracelet handmade jewelry
Guitar Bracelet 

Strike a Chord Guitar Bracelet - These bracelets are a made-to-order item.  Please allow 3-4 weekends for your guitar to be created with care and attention to detail before it is shipped out to you.

Shamballa bracelet with Swarovski
Shamballa Bracelet 

Shamballa Pave Swarvoski Crystal Bracelet - It is a strong symbol of peace, tranquility, and happiness. For this reason many Buddhist & Hindu spiritual beads are crafted in the form of Buddhist tranquility beads.

Felted beanie
Felted Beanie 

Felted Alpaca  Skully Beanie - what a great gift idea for this season. This mid weight felted alpaca skully beanie featured in "The 46th Annual CMA Awards” Gift Lounge! The hats were gifted in association with The Artisan Group.  Make him feel like he is your special celebrity this holiday season. 

Custom money clip.
Money Clip 

Custom Copper Money Clip -  love this gift idea. Add his initial for this custom created money clip and this gift will stay with him for a long time. Every time he will pay for something he will get nice smile from seeing your gift. 

Macrame for him. Dragon Necklace
Dragon necklace
Hemp And Jade Dragon Necklace - unique  handmade necklace if you men in to jewelry. Hand carved dragon from the green jade. Macrame chain. For those guys who doesn't afraid to wear bold accessories. 

Come back tomorrow to see GIFTS FOR HER

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quote of the week.

handmade made love gifts
Love Quote 

This the way I feel the world should be, not full of anger, greed, war and hatred. 

I have made the decision to find something inspiring, peaceful, and fulfilling each week. I am doing this for myself and my own feelings. However if you are like minded in your desire to strive to see and be better join the ride, be inspired and even share your own ideas. 

Let's grow a positive bubble that will light up the world!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jewelry challenge. What I wear today.

In this post I'll show you several pictures of my handmade jewelry I wear last couple day. 

I was very busy with finishing and shipping press gifts for CMA and didn't have time to post my challenge pictures. 

Day 3. 
I was in the mood to go to the water front park at Edmonds. This park is on the way  to my daughter school so I was lucky enough to spend some  nice time there. It was 9 am. and a lot of fog.  Contrasts in colors. Yes I do love this!  Turquoise color jewelry is very nice. I was wearing sterling silver and magnesite bracelet. (Necklace is a part of my CMA collection) 
turquoise jewelry
DAY 3 Challenge

DAY 3 Challenge
Day 4 
During this day I was wearing simple asymmetrical necklace. Plum black chain and pink jade coin shape bead. I think it's was very cute. Not to fancy not to simple. Great for your everyday sporty style mom's outfit. I was wearing jeans and my white sports jacket.

handmade jewelry challenge

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jewelry challenge. What I wear today.

Swarovski gemstone earrings
Jewelry challenge 

Handmade earrings 
Day 2.
Today I decided to put on lite green sweater and those cute dangle earrings. Sterling silver  with Swarovski and faceted prehnite beads.

Contrast of shapes. Bicone Swarovski and teardrop prehnite. The colors of those earrings perfectly  matching with my top.

If you like them - they are available for sale  and the price is only $9.00
Click here to buy 

Monday, September 24, 2012

What I wear today. Jewelry

Last two weeks I was making photos of my daughter on the way to school. It was kind of "Lexi's school style".. I did like this idea it's like a challenge to make you do something you like but everyday. 

You probably know by now that I've got my own handmade jewelry business I'm enjoying what I'm doing but most of the time I simple forget to  put my jewelry when I'm out and about. It's not easy to maintain several websites, school, after classes activities (well most of busy mom will know this). 

So I'm challenging myself from today for the month to wear every day different piece of handmade jewelry. If you would like to join me - let's do it together

So let's start! 

Day 1. 
It was a bit cold this morning so I put my peach turtle neck sweater and those dangle earring just called my name. They actually were waiting it's time to be photographed so it was easy choice for me to put them on.  Fancy heart shape faceted red garnet  and black garnet. 
handmade jewelry seattle
Jewelry challenge. Day 1. 
I will use my Instagram account to post photos everyday. So if you are on Instagram  follow me @RitaSunderland 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinterest Contest. And the winner is ...

Yes ! My first Pinterest contest is over!
It was a lot of fun! Thank you to everybody who took part in this contest.

We have a winner  Deb Butterflys  

If it's not your name - keep trying I'll be having those contest from time to time.

Just follow my pinterest account RitaSunderland  and keep you eyes open on "Pin it to Win" it board.

You can also SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter to be notified about contests and promo codes for

Now take a look how the winner  has been chosen.
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