Monday, September 24, 2012

What I wear today. Jewelry

Last two weeks I was making photos of my daughter on the way to school. It was kind of "Lexi's school style".. I did like this idea it's like a challenge to make you do something you like but everyday. 

You probably know by now that I've got my own handmade jewelry business I'm enjoying what I'm doing but most of the time I simple forget to  put my jewelry when I'm out and about. It's not easy to maintain several websites, school, after classes activities (well most of busy mom will know this). 

So I'm challenging myself from today for the month to wear every day different piece of handmade jewelry. If you would like to join me - let's do it together

So let's start! 

Day 1. 
It was a bit cold this morning so I put my peach turtle neck sweater and those dangle earring just called my name. They actually were waiting it's time to be photographed so it was easy choice for me to put them on.  Fancy heart shape faceted red garnet  and black garnet. 
handmade jewelry seattle
Jewelry challenge. Day 1. 
I will use my Instagram account to post photos everyday. So if you are on Instagram  follow me @RitaSunderland 

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