Sunday, May 31, 2009

YAHOO ! ! ! We Did it ! ! !

Thank you so Much for all your entry and posts and feedback - it was nice to read it! As I promised on 31-st of May - we will find who is the lucky one ! ! !

It was my first giveaway - and looks like I did a little mistake - you can't see the numbers of each entry! But There were 74 posts - and .... and .. and ....

Here is the winner!

throuthehaze said...

i would like Hand made macrame plant hanger in natural cotton mom used to make these and they are so neat!
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

May 18, 2009 3:41 AM

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Front Page for one of US !

I've got a great news !
Yesterday the member of RussianArt team got on the Front page!!!
We are very Happy for you you JANEBOFELT !!!
And the best news - she got a sale today!!!
Congradulation with this!!! Many more sales to you!
Here is what she says about her work :

..."Every of my felted scarf, hat, bag or jewerly is one-of-a-kind and made by me using my favorite wet felt or nuno-felt techniques. Recently I discovered freeform chrocheted jewelry. Stay tuned for new designs!" ...

Please come and take a look at her shop JaneBoFelt - very nice felting work.

And here is the treasury she was in and some of her work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something From the Pastt !

LOL I forgot it was a best seller last year - so I put them Up for sale agayn :)!

I started my way on Etsy, with a Wine rack and a Macrame Curtain! Now I have something small and tiny! YES it is a ring! This ring is made out of black hemp and a black faceted glass bead. It's size is about 7 1/2. Sure I can make one smaller or bigger. If you like just order one :)

The ring can be custom order with different colors of hemp and beads! Just ask for your favorite color... I will make it and I'll ship it next day!

This will be great for those who WANT have some jewelry but can't wear any silver og gold because of allergy ...

Friday, May 15, 2009



This month is my Etsyversary – It'll be my 2 years with ETSY and my Birthday 30 years and I'll be without of my famaly - it's sad but such is life. They are in Russia I'm in USA

Want to know how I started ?!

I was waiting for my hubby from the doctor appointment and I was looking through some magazines – Woman’s day – or something like this – and TADAA – ETSY – very tiny Add and I wrote it in my book to see later … as a result:

I have 3 shops :)!
I started with
- may 30-th 2007 - 292 sales was born in August 18 - 2007 and I'm at 2517 sales -
then I started to learn USA country by vintage stuff and open - may 12 2008 :) only 31 sales - but it's still fun :)!

Every year something new – so this year I decided to make my first giveaway!!! And I’m posting 2 items for the winners!

This cute Owl keychain – the winner will chose the favorite color. I sold a lot of this guys - so I think it'll be a great for the giveaway (regular price $10)

And This beautiful Garnet earrings ( value $35)

SOOOO Want to win?

Now through Sunday, May 31 st at 11:59pm EST you can enter to win a free CONTEST PRIZE!

To enter, simply go to KnotartWa and find the piece that you’d like to see in the next giveaway. Post your entry in the comments here and tell me why you chose this item.

Get extra entries the following way...

.. If you post this giveaway on your blog and add the link to a comment here, you'll receive a second entry.

.. If you follow me on twitter (KnotartWA) you'll get another entry

.. Add my shop as a favorite in Etsy and you'll receive another entry

.. PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM KnotartWa shop AND YOU WILL GET AN EXTRA 10 ENTRIES FOR EACH ITEM PURCHASED! (just for you 15% off – code “15Giveaway” )

I will be using to select a winner. And don't forget to leave your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red is HOT

Red is hot all the time :)!

I got an inspirations bird at 3 am - and the new set WAS BORN :!)

Love it !!! Will Keep IT !!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day - and my First fishing trip

My mother and father in law took me along with my husband and daughter to Mayfield Lake here in Washington State to relax and show me and my daughter fishing for the first time. I was not very enthused as I do not like wiggly things like fish and bait. I was also envisioning my husband having a good time as I watched our little girl, plus this is not something I was accustomed to coming from Moscow Russia and being a city girl. Well needless to say everything went much better than I had envisioned!
We stayed at Winston Cove on the lake which had been renovated nicely, with wonderful views and grounds. There were playgrounds and great hiking which was so cool for the little one, plus I got a fish using my daughter’s pole on my first try. I was so excited I forgot all about fish, stress, and even my husband, thanks to my father in law Delt for helping my land and restrain my first trout. We caught Rainbow Trout for three days and most were in the 16 inch to 22 inch range, me and my husband Jason tied for biggest catch of the trip at 22 inches. I loved eating them as much as I enjoyed the thrill of my first catch, no crazy smell, no fat, no fishy taste, just flaky, clean and fresh like the mountain air.
It was also me and my daughter Alexcia’s first time boating, what a thrill! We saw black tail deer, bald eagles, hawks, blue heron, waterfalls, the dam, and even log hauling barges al while getting sunburned to boot. My Alexcia was grinning from ear to ear right up until the motion of the water put a three year old to sleep!
We finished a great four days with a birthday party as my daughter turned three on Mother’s Day this year, so all the ladies got treated like we deserve…showered in love and adventure. I am starting to think the USA is better all the time, why doesn’t the news show this side of living?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Members of RussianArt team on Etsy Part 1

In this post I'll introduce you to the first 4 artist :! )
You always can find us on Etsy - just typing RUSSIAN ART in search :)!
We have got this tag in your creations!

Welcome to YuliaKazansky's shop

.. "I am self taught artist - photographer and painter. Originally from Moscow, Russia (I came to US in 1995) now I live in Anacortes, a little town on a West coast about 1.5 hr north from Seattle.
Art was my passion since young age, and is a language I use to express my wonder and admiration of our physical Universe"...

Welcome to WoolFeltingArt's shop

... " I make my items in the various styles,so there is something for every taste.I have a nice variety of beautiful,unique felt accessories and clothing.
If you see something you like in my store but would like it to be slightly different or in a different colour - please convo me with your request. I welcome custom orders! "...

Welcome to Arctida's shop

... "In my shop you'll find handcrafted one-of-a-kind & ltd. edition artisan intricate wired jewelery designed with high quality precious/semiprecious gemstones, pearls and precious metals. Most necklace can be made longer or shorter and earwires can be changed to match your preferences "...

Welcome to AleksandraVALI's shop

... " Aleksandra Vali is a creative artist with unpredictable, but well defined sense of style and personal signature. She conveys her passion for style through unique hand crafted jewelry-seductive yet extravagant, harmonic yet so contradictory. Alexandra enjoys working with gold and silver, as they allow her to experiment and make the most out of the three dimensional potential of the metal. Her favorite materials to use are those that relay her love for the contradictory-pearls and lava, silk and metal, coral and silver, diamonds and raw stones"...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

ETSY для Русских ... Первые шаги.

Часть Первая !

1 - Банер это как лицо фирмы

2 - Аватара (желательно чтобы она отображала стиль магазина)

3 – Обязательно к заполнению поле Локейшен

4 - Обязательно к заполнению поле Профайл

5 - Полиси - ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО :) и я бы сказала первоочередно

6 - Секции – разделы в Вашем магазине

7 - Tags - ключевые слова по коорым Вас можно будет найти в Гугле :) - используйте все дозволенные 14 тэгов :)

8 - Фотографии - разрешено выставлять 5 фотографий - используйте это на все 100!!! Покажите Ваше создание во всей красе ) Старайтесь придерживаться единого стиля (фон бекграунд)

9 - Старайтесь выставлять одно новое каждый день - или обновлять (функция renew) тем самым Вы будете на первых позициях. Помните что каждый день (точнее каждый час ) сотни людей добовляют товар в Ваш раздел - и соответственно вы опускаетесь в конец раздела - и у потенциального покупателя не будет сил найти Вас.

10 - Форумы - чаты - блоги - всегда пожалуйста Нужно заявить о себе, а не выставить что-то на продажу и спрятаться в надежде что Глобальная сетка сама приведет к Вам покупателя :)

11. Присоединиться к группе людей который будут помогать Вас продвигать - двое трое это не один ...
Если будут возникать вопросы по ходу дела – смело кидайте конво мне через магазин

Just Some New Jewelry

This necklace is ready for the Summer timeThe Swarovski pendant in indian red color 20x14mm haning on the sterling silver chain. Very original chain tabs and lobster clasp. The necklace is 18 inch long and will be gift wrapped for your purchase. If you Like Green Color - it's also ready for your Purchase

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