Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day - and my First fishing trip

My mother and father in law took me along with my husband and daughter to Mayfield Lake here in Washington State to relax and show me and my daughter fishing for the first time. I was not very enthused as I do not like wiggly things like fish and bait. I was also envisioning my husband having a good time as I watched our little girl, plus this is not something I was accustomed to coming from Moscow Russia and being a city girl. Well needless to say everything went much better than I had envisioned!
We stayed at Winston Cove on the lake which had been renovated nicely, with wonderful views and grounds. There were playgrounds and great hiking which was so cool for the little one, plus I got a fish using my daughter’s pole on my first try. I was so excited I forgot all about fish, stress, and even my husband, thanks to my father in law Delt for helping my land and restrain my first trout. We caught Rainbow Trout for three days and most were in the 16 inch to 22 inch range, me and my husband Jason tied for biggest catch of the trip at 22 inches. I loved eating them as much as I enjoyed the thrill of my first catch, no crazy smell, no fat, no fishy taste, just flaky, clean and fresh like the mountain air.
It was also me and my daughter Alexcia’s first time boating, what a thrill! We saw black tail deer, bald eagles, hawks, blue heron, waterfalls, the dam, and even log hauling barges al while getting sunburned to boot. My Alexcia was grinning from ear to ear right up until the motion of the water put a three year old to sleep!
We finished a great four days with a birthday party as my daughter turned three on Mother’s Day this year, so all the ladies got treated like we deserve…showered in love and adventure. I am starting to think the USA is better all the time, why doesn’t the news show this side of living?


livingglassgirl said...

Wow-you caught some big fish. I didn't think I would like it either the first time I went--but I became addicted. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

LillyShayStyle said...

What a fish! I'm not a fishing kind of girl either, but I plan on taking my husband out fishing on our boat for Fathers Day. He doesn't get to go much so it'll be a great treat :)

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