Monday, December 22, 2008

When you Feel Great !

Today is one of the days when I feel great - not because I got SALE - because I got great feedback on couple of my goods.

Thank you ArtNomadix for your feedback :)!

"Thank you Rita it arrived today 22 Dec. It is exquisite work and I think my sister will love it and won't be losing her keys anymore ! Thank you for the bonus gift anklet, it gives me another little present for someone else, wonderful"

And how fun it is - 2 feedback about same item :)!

Thank you Isabo - for multiply order and your feedback

"I really did not know that the owl would look even better in person. I'm having second thoughts about giving it to my mom.I want to keep it for myself."

So who else want to be lucky one to have this little cute keychain ?!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow in Seattle - great inspiration

What can you do when you can't go outside ??? - Yeap - Creating :)!

HEre is somethink new inspired with the Snow here is Seattle :!)

I started twisting multiple strands of wire and got inspired to keep on twisting! Nice silver plated findings with stardust and aqua crystal, to keep me and you smiling while the snow is falling fast.They are about 1 1/2 inch long.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow, Snow, Seattle Winter Storm Viewpoint

Well - Seattle known for tons of rain, this year it'll be known for the winter from hell. If you have ever been here or driven in the metro area, then you will understand. The city and surrounding areas are dead to travel, icy overpasses, more than a few hills, as well as stupid concrete roadways all contribute. It's been almost a week, we can't drive anywhere. We live up on a huge hill and there is no chance get down and more importantly the ability to get back home. So we are stuck, I cannot believe this situation, being from Russia if this happened there our whole country would die! In Russia it's normal to have ice and snow every winter, just put your winter tires and go, go, go! If every winter from now on gets worse, I cannot see how cities like this will cope, let alone manage them to any degree.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Picasa will Help you !

Very simple - I just want help some of Etsy shop with the photos - to show how Picasa 3 can help you for less then 2 minutes !

Here is the first photo 1 minutes Touch

If you download Picasa 3 it'll be very Easy to make this adjustments !

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pritty Stones - Do you Know YOURS ?!

My new Necklace - Ametrine and 14K gold you can find in my RUBY LANE shop :)!
Ametrine is a stone, which combines features of the two minerals: amethyst and citrine. Apparantly, that's where its name came from.

Therapeutic properties
Ametrine is considered to be the stimulator of the activity of the entire human body. It improves its vitalities, strengthens immunity, it cures from insomnia, apathy, melancholy, dipression, and groundless fears. The stone, if worn in the ring, earrings, or necklace, can enchance the effect of any medications and help purify the blood.

Magic properties
Ametrine is a stone of peace and equilibrium. With the help of this stone it is possible to develop extraordinary abilities. This stone is useful for the Zodiac Signs of the Fire element: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. It helps them fight their irritation, quick temper, and agressiveness. Amethrine could also be useful to other Signs of the Zodiac. The only exception makes Virgo. This mineral will make Virgo apathetic, spineless, and cowardly.
Talismans and amulets
As a Talisman (Charm) Ametrine helps its owner settle down conflicts; it prevents possible violence (from the owner of charm, or from someone else), makes one reasonable and friendly to others.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Photo - Fast Sale

Photos make Everything

Want sell more ??? – make your Photos Look great! It had been told thousands time – that now is the Internet shopping time. Just put yourself on the buyers place – and ask yourself why I will buy this item from my shop – or why not ?!
Does your photos better or worst from the seller who sells similar items ?!
You see that your goods much better – and they needs better photos … Then let’s fix it. I’m not a PhotoShop user at all. All That I’ve got now – it’s SONY camera Light box and Picasa 3. That’s all! My hubby download Picasa once – and now I’m in love with it! It have some cute features I use most of the times
And If you feel Like you need some help with photos the first 10 people who post comment here will get my help to fixing photos for free. Why am I doing this – because I want to help you make more sales.
I’m not professional – but if you like my work you can give me a chance to help you .

And take a look at different photos – before and after

Thursday, November 27, 2008



If you spend:
up to $15 - then it's 15 % off
$15 - $ 25 - then it's 20% off
$25 - $50 - then it's 25% off
$50 and up - then 30% off
If you need Prints - wall art - last minutes greeting cards - here is the shop to do this

If you need some jewelry such as beaded, hemp, uniqued watches.
Home decore and more in one shop - then welcome to my KNOTARTWA shop

If you like some Vintage or Collectible stuff such as shoes, china, and more - welcome to the

And if you like make your own jewelry and you want to save on supplies (gemstones, pearls, glass beads and finding ) here is my KNOTARTOVERSTOK shop

Save Big on any in my shop !
Happy Black Friday !

Friday, November 14, 2008

Make Sales with Fun

Every day must be something new go and discover it!

One day it was Twitter – very great place for promotion and chatting and just have fun with millions of people. Then somebody from there invited me to join the group Unique~Women~in~Business well It take me about 2-3 days to think about and I jumped in! I’m there only 2 days but I already feel love from those who already there !
Once you are in it’s a great community with promotions each other – making sales and just meet new friends. You shop will be added in MySpace page and the team blog list.
The questions :
1. Why I should joined ?
- Well it’s up to you – either you will sit and complain for no sales or you will try to find some other place to show your creative stuff to the world.
2. Is it free ?
- Well every month you should make one purchase from any shop there – list growing everyday the minimum purchase is $4 – So you pay $4 for the Month of having fun. How many times do you renew - (wink) – better get into the other place where people are interested in buying.
3. Can Sales be guarantee ?
- Well sales people know – your sales can be up and down. But with this team – every person you bring into – must make one purchase from you . Minimum $4 – maximum – who knows ?
4. Do you want to be the part of the team ?!
- Then click here and tell Margarita referred you!
And remember everything must be as a FUN - if you don't get FUN - it's not cool.
Rita Sunderland.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


*** Our Love Story Part III ***

So here is the last part of our little Love Story :)!

Thank you for reterning and reading this :)

Rita calls me - we got her visa !

Getting back to Seattle in early October, I finished preparing the paperwork and getting a lawyer. I filed for a K1 visa that very month. At the beginning of our relationship we had talked about music, I had sent her a copy of the only real Russian song I knew and loved. I did not even know the name of the composition; she had started crying on the spot. It turned out to be her favorite song since she was a small girl; the title was “A million Roses”. It is about an artist who sold all his belongings to buy a million roses in order to line a courtyard with the flowers and grab the attention of a woman he had fallen for. We never spoke of this again, but when the visa got approved and she arrived in June there was an apartment completely lined in roses for her.
We reunited and planned a small wedding in August; we were married in my mom’s front yard during the hottest part of August. Oh what dreams may bring, yup….we were pregnant by September. Alexcia was born in May the following year; it was and continues to be the greatest adventure of my life. There are hard times and there are good times, but not a day goes by that I do not find a reason to love Rita more and more.

Jason Sunderland

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Thank you everybody who found minute to read our story :!)

* * * * P A R T II * * * *

It was three days in when her and her family had to call an ambulance; I had a fever of 107 and was sweating through the bedding within hours. I had developed a case of Russian super strep, of course this was not the best way to create a fist impression. Once admitted to the local hospital they showed her how to give me injections multiple times a day; she fought through her nerves every single time. Who would you do this for if you were by nature adverse to hurting people? As if this was not enough bad luck…things got lost in translation. The antibiotic they had prescribed to me at the hospital was sulpha based, this I have great allergy to. My eyes swelled near shut first of all and remained nearly so for the remainder of my stay in Russia.

One would think that at this point the writing would be on the wall, but she hung in there. I ended up taking so many antihistamines I was falling asleep everywhere we went; in cabs, on boats, in her flat, oh yeah this was really the way I wanted to be remembered!! We took the last boat cruise of the season up the Moscow, past Red Square, Gorky Park, the Kremlin, and into the middle of the city. I had started to nod off about halfway into the trip and she had finally started to show her anger with the situation, she stood me up and suggested we go to the lower part of the boat. No one was near and she kissed me, I saw the ships cocktail bar through the doors behind her and asked “Is anyone tending the bar? I’d love a Stella.” She turned back around to see me with an engagement ring in hand; I asked her to marry me there at the water’s edge. The tears and the resounding “YES”, showed me the answer I had travelled so far for. We spent the next few weeks enjoying each other and celebrating, only to come to the hardest goodbye I have ever had to give.

So Hope Part II was not so long :) come backe tommorow - I'll post the Part III :) Final for the short story :)!

* * * * * * * * To be continued * * * * * * * * *


Well the other day we were sitting and remembering the story of our family. And I thought that it'll be interesting to share with you - my dear friends ... So I asked my Hubby to Wright it ! It came a bit long - although he was trying to make it short as possible - but we will make several part - so come back later to see the end of the story.

* * * Part I * * * *

Seattle - Russia – Dzerzhinsky

Spring of 2003 there was but a bit of time to kill by chatting with friends online, but sometimes that is all the opening fate needs. When taking a small amount of time to help someone turns into a lifelong passion, is it fate, is it chance, is it karma, or is it love?
I was keeping in touch with friends I had met overseas online when a message asking for help with English came across my screen. Sure…what the heck, why not? I did not know this person, not even whether this person was male or female. Just that they needed help, help turned to chat with what I found to be a woman halfway around the world, and then chat turned to friendship. Two and half years later I found myself wondering where the time went, I was not even the type to talk to friends or family on a regular basis. Could it be more?
The only way to find out was to fly, to meet this intriguing woman from Russia. We met in person in August of 2005, it was a strange land, a strange language and yet it felt like home. She was everything all those words had created pictures of and the first days were inspiring, but it was the coming tests that showed what she would mean to me.
* * * * come back later for the PART II * * * *
and while we are making the second part of this story take a look at some of his photos

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I need LightBox

Well i came to the point that with the better photos - I'll get better number of sales! I believe in this ! So the first stop is LightBox and I found one i need sooooo much . My hubby take a look at this one and he says Woow great deal! The main reason we stoped at this one is because of the lights "5100K 45 watt Haloid lamps for excellent & even color temperature and clarity".

So to get this beauty I need came up with the 80$ ASAP - how I can get them fast ? - If you need Jewelry Supplies - Come to KNOTARTOVERSTOK and stock before the hot season!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Russia - Moscow miss you

It happened that I’ve been in Moscow city twice this year – in January and September.
January trip was very fast - only two weeks. September – the whole month was occupied with family friends, my business there, and it seemed not enough time again! Well, now life seems a kind of normal again: Etsy, working, creating, and playing with my baby.
But something is missing… yes, I still miss my Mom and my Sister... Every Friday when I was there we had a girls’ party at home - just only three of us – it was always fun… now only phone calls and ICQ messages.
And as a reminder of my time there, and coming up winter time I made those earrings - Russian winter… and it's really fun - once I listed them one of my friend back in Russia ordered them right away.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Promotion Video

My hubby finaly did it for me! The first one we posted on YouTube last august got over 4700 views and many request for the new one - and actualy people want to see how I'm creating my art. So far I'm still pritty buzy with my baby and can't make a good tutoria - so this time agayn video but only with my Macrame jewelry.

We don't know if it bring any sales at my shop - but it was funn to make.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Russian Craft Show

Well some of you maybe know that I was in Russia - Moscow - and one of my thing TO DO was Craft Show !!

I did it!
Well not so good as I wanted but it was the first try!
The main reason why it was not so good are
- Weather
- location
- theam ot the show

I was woried how I can bring QUITE A BIT stuff throught the custom on the plain - so it was very easy this time - I've got a lot already made - and I bring a lot of supplies for my Russian shop ...

The most intresting thing was that for the last week being me in Russia I got a lot orders - I made them and I sold them :)) (and it was throught one of our russian site kind of like Classmetters here )

So if you want to see and talk about my expirience - look at some photos and ask questions :)!

Russian Girl
Rita :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Band Watch

Hi everybody!

Just finished my new watches. White and blue with the Silver faces - AWESOME

Very Uniqued and original.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I want this - I want my FIRST CRAFT SHOW

HI everybody!
FIRST Craft SHOW - do you remember how it was for you ??? Or you are the same way as I'm - super nerves - and don't know from what to start ??
Then I'll put here my first step - my planing - my mistakes and my success!!!
Why I decide Finlay make it - It can sound funny - BUT first of all I want make my SHOW in Moscow - and It's in September - Yes - pretty close so I'll try to do FIRST one here in USA and be ready for MOSCOW !!!

Right now I'm trying to get information about Fremont sunday market in Seattle, WA .... what I will need - table - tent - jewelry displays .... and more more ....

My goal for tommorow - decide what day It'll be

How bring traffic to your site or Increase Website Traffic

What can we do withou great help of our friends from Etsy community :)

Here is the last find :) !

Here is some words from they site : By joining, you will be included in our members directory which is visited by our community of over 180,000 members, and thousands of outside visitors on a daily basis. You'll have the opportunity to earn a ranking at the top of your category, absolutely free! Receive valuable feedback from visitors of your website, network with your peers, and give your opinion on other websites in the directory. The more you participate, the more you get in return
Get your Potential Buyers to your Shop, and Websites.

I just joined with 2 of my shops - will keep you updayted with the numbers !

The hurdest part was to understand how make search of the sites I want to review...

Now Simple - Go to the Flashing Star - Then you will see "The members directory" - Then you will see
New! Browse by GEOGRAPHIC Location
New! The wait is over, do a KEYWORD / URL SEARCH

And you done - Search wat you want - and give them feedback :) I bet they will come to you :)! a little tip - go search the sites (words) who might be intrested in your goods:)

Best of Luck and come back to see my statistik :)!

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