Monday, July 28, 2008

I want this - I want my FIRST CRAFT SHOW

HI everybody!
FIRST Craft SHOW - do you remember how it was for you ??? Or you are the same way as I'm - super nerves - and don't know from what to start ??
Then I'll put here my first step - my planing - my mistakes and my success!!!
Why I decide Finlay make it - It can sound funny - BUT first of all I want make my SHOW in Moscow - and It's in September - Yes - pretty close so I'll try to do FIRST one here in USA and be ready for MOSCOW !!!

Right now I'm trying to get information about Fremont sunday market in Seattle, WA .... what I will need - table - tent - jewelry displays .... and more more ....

My goal for tommorow - decide what day It'll be

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