Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chain tags How To

Put your brand name on your jewelry creations easily. After some searching I discovered premade chain tags, I was very happy that something so simple could add such a professional touch to my own handmade jewelry. It is a nice boost to my business when my clients see my jewelry with a little tag that says “RS” (Rita Sunderland). All my customers feel like they have something a bit more special and personal. It’s like a painting should always be signed by the artist, the same way should be with our art which is unique created jewelry.

If you are making jewelry you might consider add a little statement like this to your designs.

Here is short tutorial on how I make them.

Material you will need

1. Set of letter stamps

2. Jewelry mini hammer

3. Steel bench block or hard surface

4. Chain tags

First try to stamp on the piece of paper or cardstock to be sure the chosen letters will look correct on the chain tag. (Tip, when you practice this make sure the face of the hammer hits the letter punch dead flat, so do not swing in an arc… instead bring the hammer straight down and don’t let it bounce or you will get a double image on the letter.)

Second after you are sure everything looks correct, take a Chain Tag and make the first letter you will use. See the next note before you continue to the next letter you will use.

One little trick I learned; make several tags at once while you are holding the first Stamping letter in the right position. This makes it easier to get a more uniform look in your tags overall.

Third now it is time for the next letter you will stamp, just repeat the process as before. Once you are done you are ready to affix the take to your creation and let the world know who created a wonderful piece of art!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extreme couponing Albertsons

Yesterday was a happy shopping day in Seattle. Even the rainy weather didn't bothered us at the end. Happy Lexi got her Cheerios, and juice within a couple gums.

Our shopping trip included 3 stores Albertsons, Safeway and Wallgreens.

Wallgreens out of the pocket was $8.70 and $4 registry rewords for the next trip
SafeWay out of the pocket $0, used gift card to get 2lb cheese Was 50% off - $3.49
Albertsons out of the pocket $21.47 and got back $7 + $4.5 for milk + $3 in catalina on Cheereos and V8 juice.


It was my first time when I got Emerald Breakfast on the go to try - and I love it. Great surprise was at the evening when I was ready to through away box - I looked inside and there is a $1.5 coupon on ANY 2 Emerald Nuts ...

I know that many of us got this boxes so be sure to clip these coupons.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christmas in July deals

Big saving on my collection and more during the MywayToSay Christmas in July deals!
Well I know that it is a little bit early for most of you, but I know some of you like great deals and won’t want to be left out like disappointed few last year. So I have stock early and am giving all my followers and customers plenty of time for custom orders as well.
If you have been eyeing some of my designer as well as my everyday jewelry with both natural and rare cut stone designs, now is the best time to start gathering your favorite pieces for gifts and for yourself!

This deal starts from July 13th and will be closed on August 1st. I have my best offer of the year at 20% off ( CLICK to FIND CODE), plus everyday in July get FREE first class worldwide shipping.
New pieces of my designer jewelry will be put up for sale every day, so SUBSCRIBE now and receive all the current special promotions.
If you like unique and one-of-a-kind gifts you can look around the web to find many offerings. There are a group of talented artists that are participating in Christmas in July sales worldwide. If you are one of those artists, I welcome you to drop a link with your sale ideas so my readers could find what they are in search of.
We all know the economy is tight and we as artists see it more than most, but by starting now you can break your holiday spending into small chunks and feel good about what you support this season. I hope both the customers and the artists get involved, one by one let’s help each other see the best this year!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Seattle hot spots Coffee stop

Welcome to the SEATTLE HOT SPOTS It's Friday and time for some review of our favorite places.

Well sometimes the best stops are the ones that catch you by surprise. When you live in an area tainted with coffee houses every 30 feet for miles, you can be a bit jaded and a bit less impressed by what has become just another me too scenario. Like every pile of rocks has the potential for gems, so does the coffee Mecca of the Seattle area, one of these gems is the Richmond Beach Coffee Co. We have come to loathe the idea of another sterile coffee and internet genera yuppie hangout, so when we stopped to get a cup of wake me up we were not expecting much to say the least, but a treat was in store for us.

How about a friendly smile and a great attitude by the whole staff…hmmm sure beats the surly art institute graduate who is relegated to pour mass crap to pay off wasted school loans. To add a pleasant d├ęcor and warm sunlight coming through a large windowed store front, added to what will be a regular stop for our family. How about the coffee? Well we ordered two zebra latte’s and were so happy when they tasted better than they looked, smooth and not a bit of the over roasted starbunk clone-a-rama that has become the northwest business model.

My favorite picture of Lexi

It was fun drinking coffee at this coffee shop

Alexcia was a bit sad that the coffee was gone and she wanted more.

Check them out for yourself when you have the inclination as to what Seattle should be, or look them up at Richmond Beach Coffee Co . If you don’t tip this staff you are nuts and should be locked up, don’t trust us…trust your sense of what is right!

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