Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chain tags How To

Put your brand name on your jewelry creations easily. After some searching I discovered premade chain tags, I was very happy that something so simple could add such a professional touch to my own handmade jewelry. It is a nice boost to my business when my clients see my jewelry with a little tag that says “RS” (Rita Sunderland). All my customers feel like they have something a bit more special and personal. It’s like a painting should always be signed by the artist, the same way should be with our art which is unique created jewelry.

If you are making jewelry you might consider add a little statement like this to your designs.

Here is short tutorial on how I make them.

Material you will need

1. Set of letter stamps

2. Jewelry mini hammer

3. Steel bench block or hard surface

4. Chain tags

First try to stamp on the piece of paper or cardstock to be sure the chosen letters will look correct on the chain tag. (Tip, when you practice this make sure the face of the hammer hits the letter punch dead flat, so do not swing in an arc… instead bring the hammer straight down and don’t let it bounce or you will get a double image on the letter.)

Second after you are sure everything looks correct, take a Chain Tag and make the first letter you will use. See the next note before you continue to the next letter you will use.

One little trick I learned; make several tags at once while you are holding the first Stamping letter in the right position. This makes it easier to get a more uniform look in your tags overall.

Third now it is time for the next letter you will stamp, just repeat the process as before. Once you are done you are ready to affix the take to your creation and let the world know who created a wonderful piece of art!

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