Friday, July 8, 2011

Seattle hot spots Coffee stop

Welcome to the SEATTLE HOT SPOTS It's Friday and time for some review of our favorite places.

Well sometimes the best stops are the ones that catch you by surprise. When you live in an area tainted with coffee houses every 30 feet for miles, you can be a bit jaded and a bit less impressed by what has become just another me too scenario. Like every pile of rocks has the potential for gems, so does the coffee Mecca of the Seattle area, one of these gems is the Richmond Beach Coffee Co. We have come to loathe the idea of another sterile coffee and internet genera yuppie hangout, so when we stopped to get a cup of wake me up we were not expecting much to say the least, but a treat was in store for us.

How about a friendly smile and a great attitude by the whole staff…hmmm sure beats the surly art institute graduate who is relegated to pour mass crap to pay off wasted school loans. To add a pleasant d├ęcor and warm sunlight coming through a large windowed store front, added to what will be a regular stop for our family. How about the coffee? Well we ordered two zebra latte’s and were so happy when they tasted better than they looked, smooth and not a bit of the over roasted starbunk clone-a-rama that has become the northwest business model.

My favorite picture of Lexi

It was fun drinking coffee at this coffee shop

Alexcia was a bit sad that the coffee was gone and she wanted more.

Check them out for yourself when you have the inclination as to what Seattle should be, or look them up at Richmond Beach Coffee Co . If you don’t tip this staff you are nuts and should be locked up, don’t trust us…trust your sense of what is right!


seattlecoffeeworks said...

Next time you're at Pike Place Market, stop by our cafe. It's child friendly, and we serve house roasted french pressed coffee.

MyWayToSay said...

Thank you so much :) We will do this and I'll be happy to write about your place:)

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