Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Selling jewelry on-line

The hardest thing is to sell jewelry on line. How many times in my past – when I only start making jewelry I received feedback – like this “Your jewelry much better in person then on the photos”

Now I’m trying twice more to make my pictures pop to my customer’s eyes.

Some tips from me!

1. Make a composition with some extra items on background. They shouldn’t be too big neither too small. (The extra items are a nice background in the composition and not like wow what is she selling? )

2. Contrast is also good tip – don’t use blue background for some blue jewelry.

3. Try to find the angle that is not usual .. you must make the photography with the thought like the necklace or earrings or .. must flouting to the customers wish list

4. If you don’t know how Photoshop works – try to use some simple programs (I use Picasa and Always make some fixing before listing your items sometime even a little retouch will be great for your creation.

Here is some photos from my favorite shops - they will give you some ideas how to make your jewelry stand up.

Yuliaart on Etsy

TomBjornDesigns on Etsy

MyWayToSay on Etsy

IrinaPhotography on Etsy

Arctida on Etsy

Monday, November 23, 2009

Need blue jewelry

Yes I need something blue - Something happy .. In Seattle it's already 2 weeks with no clean blue sky .. we want it so bad ! So if the nature can't give me blue colors outside - I'll take them myself !
Here is my first try with the sea glass from North- West :)!
Sterling silver chain with Swarovski and blue sea glass with freshwater coin pearl.
So fresh SO light - woo I like it

And the second is the ring with the beautiful blue faceted glass stones. The ring is Sterling silver base and the glass stone in the pewter framing.

Need blue - welcome to MYWAYTOSAY shop and have fun.
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