Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Vintage Finds. Week 10.

Last week was pretty busy for me and for my vintage shop Once Lost Boutique
vintage shop etsy

I made over  10 people happy with there new vintage finds. Some of the items were sold within couple days. It's really nice for the shop owners when we receive feedback from our customers. This one made my day. The customer saw the new listing, asked to reserve and bought within 24 hours. They got this beautiful working retro  station and left the best and the most expressive feedback. 
 So let me show what I found and posted on-line for purchase 

1. Authentic Fendi vintage purse. It's so clean and adorable you will be happy to own this. This purse is also got featured in Uniquely Your Designs blog. Please take a pic at other Golden Dreams #Etsy 

vintage Fendi Purse

2. Vintage Givenchy Travel Bag - very nice gift for the fashion girl. It's a Faux Leather in croc style.
vintage Givenchy bag
3. Authentic Christian Dior Saddle bag. If you love denim style and you consider yourself a fashion girl - what a lovely find for you. 

We now have Facebook page - if you like Vintage Style and Vintage fashion please LIKE US and see new items before the other will see. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Shopping. December Etsy On Sale.

Are you still looking for the last minute vintage Christmas gifts?  I'll be happy to help you. 

Today I finally step into ETSY ON SALE and added some of my items there. The holiday sale should make you happy ! I offered 30% off on vintage items. 

There is still time to get shopping done. I send all orders the same day I receive the payment. Most of the time I ship with priority service. 

Please read reviews given to my new vintage shop. 

You can purchase directly from my ETSY VINTAGE SALE section, no coupon  codes are needed. If you see it and you like it - Add to card - Pay and I will send it ASAP. 

Here is a little preview. Love this red PUMA messenger bag and Adidas superstar shoes. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December for Vintage shoppers!

Don't you think that the older we become - the faster time goes?

It's been almost a 2 month since I opened my vintage shop on Etsy with the lovely name OnceLostBoutique. For 2 month I made 13 people happier with they vintage purchases.  I start receiving reviews and I'm very glad to see that people are loving what I'm offering in my vintage shop.

I was so busy finding and posting new items to the shop that I didn't blog to much but I did create this little cute video presentation about my Vintage Shop.

Please take a look and thank you for sharing and commenting.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekly Vintage Finds. № 4

I've been  a little busy lately picking new vintage stuff and sending orders out to the new homes. Was very happy that Juicy Couture handbag, retro Flip Clocks and  Nine West bag has been sold.

As a result of my vintage shop Once Lost Boutique with my first month on Etsy I made almost 10 sales - well 9 if to be right.  Last week I was kind of in the red color mode. I made a girly vintage collection for my customers.

Now a little bit more about my vintage girly finds you can purchase at Once Lost Boutique. 

Red Guess Shoulder bag

 Vintage Red Guess - two strand shoulder bag. Love the nice touch with silver tone accessories. Metal letter G on the front side of the strap, nice logo attached to the magnetic clasp. The best part is that purse is only $19.99 
red vintage shoes
Vintage Red Pumps - love the delicate heels and red color of genuine leather. Very Sexy and feminine vintage style footwear. This one in size 8 1/2 and the price is only $17.00  

Brahmin bag purse

Brahmin pink purse - this one is the score for me. Every time when I find something that Made in USA makes me feel awesome. This raspberry colored genuine leather purse is just stunning. It has a cross body leather strap with original Brahmin brass fob attached. I'm offering this vintage brand name purse for only $119.99

Fossil leather wallet - another vintage accessories for girls in my shop. Like new this vintage wallet is very clean and ready to be gifted as a Christmas gift to the someone who love vintage style. The price for this cute wallet is only $14.99. I'm sure it will not last long. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Vintage Finds. №3

I'm so happy and excited with my new vintage store on ETSY. the best part is when you receive a sale within couple hours after the item has been posted.

I'm very glad that vintage Dr. Martens found  new place right before the winter time. Those awesome boots were less then a week in my store and got SOLD :)

I also was happy with this Saddle over the shoulder bag. It was SOLD within 2 hours !

This  week was very lucky with the finds. Early I did make a post with COACH bag! And today I'm posting several new collages with vintage handbags and vintage jewelry.

We have got a couple designer handbags here 
Juicy Couture - green fabric and cow leather handbag 
Prada  logo - canvas unlabeled tote bag 
Dior - unlabeled bag. 

I'm still trying to research and identify Prada logo canvas bag   but I do love unique way of it. This is the view from the top. I like how the zipper designed. 

It's a pretty clean and nice inside canvas bag with PRADA logo
So let's see how long it will take  to sell this  Prada handbag. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vintage COACH hand bag.

Weekend for COACH vintage bag. 

I was so happy when I found this adorable original COACH hand bag on today vintage hunt for my new sore Once Lost Boutique. 
Vintage COACH two ton bag
COACH purse for SALE 

After I came home I start learning how to  identify coach purses
I got a lot of information on e-bay and other sources. 

After studding a bit I learned those tips which will help me for feature hunts

- Serial number is a must (Bags from the late 1960's did not have any serial numbers. Coach added actual serial numbers that were unique to each bag in the 1970s into the 1980s. It was not until the 1990s, that Coach introduced the modern format of letters and numbers, with the last set of numbers after the dash, indicating the 'style' of the bag.
-  If your COACH bag is made in KOREA - it's a loud bell for the FAKE one 
-  Letter A in  in logo should be always with the SHARP top - no flat one. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekly Vintage Finds. №2

Welcome to my Weekly Vintage Finds. This week was very excited. We found a couple cool shoes and a lovely vintage handbags.

One of my favorite find is a red vinyl PUMA bag. I was so excited to find it because back in Russia I did have the same one back in 1980-th.

Dr. Martens  - women boots in great condition 
Puma - vintage bag 
Dan Post - awesome cowgirl boots 
Jack Pursel -  platform converse  

I also was happy to see one of my item in this Redskins treasury! Let's hope that this treasury will be hot as of the new trending topic about  possible new designs for the possibly renamed Washington Redskins. I'm not to big in gaming but let's see how this will ended up. 

Hope you will enjoy this Redskins  treasury 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekly Vintage Finds. №1

Looks like I'm back in to Vintage. Couple weeks ago one of my friend invited me to her birthday party. Cool thing, but she decided to make it a party from 1989!
Yes, time for the vintage shopping.

I need to tell you that it was a lot of fun. Me and my family spend about 2 hours at Goodwill and I created my total outfit under 30 bucks. Cool!

Here is one photo from the dressing room. I didn't think I will do this - but I did.

The party was awesome and I remembered how couple years ago I was having a lot of fun with my Vintage Shop on Etsy. That's how I decided to start a new spin in this fun adventure. Another push for me was the terms of vintage. Now everything from 90-th it's already vintage.  Did you know that if it's 20 years old it's already vintage? Yes, I still remember what I was wearing in 1990 and now I think it will be more easy for me  and for my customers.

Not thinking too long we decided to open Once Lost Boutique shop on Etsy.
Every week I'll be posting what we found  and what is available for sale at our new vintage shop.

Our main focus will be on vintage shoes and clothes. Maybe some vintage bags and vintage sport hats.  So stop by and look what we found for you.

Weekly Vintage Finds. Week #1 

vintage shopping on-line
Vintage Adidas  brown with white leather shoes. 
Mustang boots - awesome natural leather boots made in Spain 
Cole Haan - loafer slip in burgundy red color 
SelBy heels - adorable shoes with chain elements. 

For more Vintage Clothing please visit OnceLostBoutique shop. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Personalized kids skirts.

I'm very excited with my new  handmade skirts line. I decided to make them more personal by using hand screen printing. Owl skirts, cupcake skirts, bird skirts. They are so cute and adorable.

Owl skirt. Reversible. 

Black skirt with birds 

I also made a special skirt with Figure Skating silhouette for the friend of mine.

If you would like a Custom order with the special color fabric and print - just contact me and I"ll be happy to create personalised baby skirt for your little daughter will love.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to cook Swai Fish. cooking at home.

Welcome back to " Cooking at home with J.T. "

Last week Jason made an awesome fish for me and Lexi. It was a Swai fish. I never had it before and it was something like "Try it and fall in love". The other day I got Swai fish and asked him to make it again. This time I was filming so you can see each step in his cooking.

By the way, this time his original recipes was even better. Swain fish was gone in to time.

So stop talking - look at this video - then run to the store and try this out. I got Swain fish fillet we were cooking today at Albertson and it was something around $5.00. Not to bad.

Monday, June 3, 2013

ETSY Product Review.

Today I'm making a blog post about my latest ETSY purchase.

I got myself  very cute notebook from CraftRu shop  Love it! Got a surprise order as I'm usually a window shopping and I seldom read all the details. Watch this video to see why it was a surprise ))

You are  more then welcome to see my video review and I hope you will order some handcrafted cute "notebooks" or "todo lists" from CraftRu shop.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Like IN STYLE magazine. New fashion skirts

My skirt business is growing. I'm enjoying every other new skirt I created and posted at Quick Fashion Skirts .

Now my 7 years old daughter is helping me choosing the right fabric. It must be with fashion trends and it must be cute that she can wear it.

fashion skirts, handmade girl skirts
Pink summer skirt 

From out last trip to the fabric store we found beautiful pastel color material and I knew it will be  a cool skirt.

To my surprise later the day I got IN STYLE magazine (I should tell you I'm not a big  magazine shopper but this one simple called my name). Me and Lexi were shocked when we saw  similar fabric to the one we got for our reversible skirts. 

Take a look and let me know what you think. We think it's way to cool. Now you can have fashion trend skirt for you little girl.  BUY Hawaiian print skirt

As a bonus our skirt is reversible with the same style.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cute skirts for little girls.

I'm happy to announce my new hobby - business.

Quick Fashion Skirts - is a place were you can find adorable skirts for your little one. Soon we will be able to offer skirts for moms as well.

But now it's all about summer and fashion skirts for toddler girls and girls up to 7 years.
fashion skirt for toddlers
Purple skirts size 3T 

Fluffy and with fringes so adorable and unique.

Some of them will be reversible style skirts so if your daughter make some oops during your day out you can switch to the other side and nobody will notice any messes.

fashion style handmade skirts
Pink skirts with leopard print 
So far we are offering ONE OF A KIND fashion skirts. Those skirts can not be made again.

Skirts size - 3T - 4T - those we can adjust to meet your kid size up to the age 4T

Adults Beach Skirts - those skirts will be cool to take with you on vacation. They are light weight and if you got them wet at the pool or at the beach they will be dry in a very short period of time.

beach skirts for vacation
Adult beach skirts 

I recommend you to join our social network
SHOP for Quick Fashion Skirts on ETSY 
Quick Fashion Skirts on Facebook 
Quick Fashion Skirts on Instagram 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miracle painting by Seattle artist.

This blog post is for my husband but I think it's more important for me.

Couple days ago I found that there is an interesting oily spots under one of his painting. In Russia we call this "Mirotochenie icon" It is very special it's like blessing.

I was making researches and I can confirm that it's not from condensation or smoking (in one of the forum I got this idea). Me and my husband are non smokers. 

We got a TARO reading for this phenomena and now I need spread the word about this miracle.

Here is one of the photo and if you'd like to see more please visit Art by J.Trent Sunderland 

miracle painting Seattle
weeping wall 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cooking at home. PHO soup.

Welcome back to the "Cooking At Home With J.T."

Today he is going to share with you his recipe for PHO soup.

pho broth
PHO broth  

I started with one large pot and about 10 large chunks of beef bones (I tried to get about half knuckles/joints as they have more fat.), I the added 2 tablespoons of sea salt and filled the pot with water. I let it boil about 2 hours while scraping the foam off the top surface. 

I then broiled till just starting to get blackened: one large onion flower cut, 16 pieces of garlic and 4 big slices of ginger, and then added them to the pot.  (sorry no photos of this step) 

I put all the spices in a tied cloth bag; Cinnamon, anise, allspice fennel etc. and threw it in to boil another few hours. 

I turned the stove off to cool till the next day, first thing I scraped the heavy congealed fat from the surface of the broth. I then brought to a boil and removed the bones, spice bag , blackened items, etc and performed one last surface scrape. 

Now the broth is ready! I take 1/4 bowl of the cooked noodles and cover with 5-8 pieces of paper thin cut round-eye and ladle over the boiling broth slowly over all the meat to cook it as the bowl fills. 
pho noodle soup

I like mine PHO noodle soup with Taiwan Basil, Cilantro, lime juice, jalapeno, green onions, and bean sprouts, as for condiments use fish sauce, hoisin sauce, hot sauce/garlic pepper paste to taste. 
how to make PHO
PHO soup 
Put on your worst shirt and eat cause you know it is going to splatter!
10 minutes later ... 


Valentines Gift Ideas 2013

It's time to start thinking about most romantic holiday of the year. 

Valentines day is one of my favorite holiday. It's so nice to receive little valentines cards and cute valentines gifts and know that your are loved.  

I also love to give gifts to show my love to the people who are around of me. 

If you are planing to give artisan jewelry for the good Valentines day I'll be happy to see you at 

cute Valentines gifts
Valentines gifts 

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