Friday, April 5, 2013

Cute skirts for little girls.

I'm happy to announce my new hobby - business.

Quick Fashion Skirts - is a place were you can find adorable skirts for your little one. Soon we will be able to offer skirts for moms as well.

But now it's all about summer and fashion skirts for toddler girls and girls up to 7 years.
fashion skirt for toddlers
Purple skirts size 3T 

Fluffy and with fringes so adorable and unique.

Some of them will be reversible style skirts so if your daughter make some oops during your day out you can switch to the other side and nobody will notice any messes.

fashion style handmade skirts
Pink skirts with leopard print 
So far we are offering ONE OF A KIND fashion skirts. Those skirts can not be made again.

Skirts size - 3T - 4T - those we can adjust to meet your kid size up to the age 4T

Adults Beach Skirts - those skirts will be cool to take with you on vacation. They are light weight and if you got them wet at the pool or at the beach they will be dry in a very short period of time.

beach skirts for vacation
Adult beach skirts 

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