Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mystical Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite is said to provide quick relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression, replacing them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration. It is said to dispel negativity and to bring clear understanding by enhancing clarity of thought and improving one's ability to cooperate with others in harmony.
Labradorite is also said to give perseverance, strength and enhanced intuition when one is experiencing times of conflict and change. Labradorite is told to be helpful in treating eye and brain disorders, and to help regulate metabolism and the digestive process.
A sister to moonstone, labradorite links to the "darker" Crone aspects of the Goddess, and grants inner knowing of Mystery. It enhances intuition and psychic perception; just like the cord-cutting Crone, it helps the bearer to release judgment, and understand their destiny. Use it to bring Light to the shadowed realms of the self and to connect with the power of the waning Moon.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Protect yourself from the computer crush

Keep your work safe!

You never know when it will happen! This is what happened to us. Our computer crashed – although we have lots of anti-virus software this one got us. Hubby worked non-stop for 12 hours to try and fix it ………..and he did it!!

Having one computer for work – and for fun and ..and … So you see what I want to tell you – lose one – lose a lot. The best thing to come out of this is that I have the removable hard drive that hubby bought for me when I started working, and all my information – THOUSANDS of photos (I have 3 online shops) – were all perfectly safe. The hard drive only cost around $50 - $100 and if the computer were lost it would have saved me my job.Don’t think it will never happen with *MY* computer – just make your life easier and make sure you’re safe. If we couldn’t fix our computer, it would’ve been easy enough to get a laptop, attach the removable disk with all the info intact, and be back in business.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Google Analytics for ETSY

What a great think all Etsy people got the other day! If you still thinking - don't think - just made it ! It's very simple - but I know some people will like this Step by Step with the photos tutorial how set up your Google Analytics for Etsy Shop ! For the big size video CLICK HERE

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The First week of January

The first week of January - was pretty great for me! I receive 3 custom order and I'm done with everything !
Hemp and macrame
Beading - Mother of pearls - Gemstones - everything we can do!

And it's been really fun to work on this 3 projects! Now I need some rest and be ready to get 3 times more orders for the Second week of January

Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Vintage to Unique

In this post I want to feature my Etsy friens HippyKlippyKlopShop

When I saw this dress I saye YES it must be in my blog

From her original description

"Weeping Willow DressHere is a recreation from a vintage dress and vintage drapes.Triple layered with flower and pearl like accents!!!This dress use to be a vintage DBY ltd. double layer long dress but has been recreated by tattered ends as well as a rose pattern sheer drapery used as another layer and faery/fairy style sleeves. I have also added a rose / ribbons / pearl like beaded strands to front [large rose is a hair clip accent that can be removed if you wish a simpler look] "
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