Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Vintage Finds. №3

I'm so happy and excited with my new vintage store on ETSY. the best part is when you receive a sale within couple hours after the item has been posted.

I'm very glad that vintage Dr. Martens found  new place right before the winter time. Those awesome boots were less then a week in my store and got SOLD :)

I also was happy with this Saddle over the shoulder bag. It was SOLD within 2 hours !

This  week was very lucky with the finds. Early I did make a post with COACH bag! And today I'm posting several new collages with vintage handbags and vintage jewelry.

We have got a couple designer handbags here 
Juicy Couture - green fabric and cow leather handbag 
Prada  logo - canvas unlabeled tote bag 
Dior - unlabeled bag. 

I'm still trying to research and identify Prada logo canvas bag   but I do love unique way of it. This is the view from the top. I like how the zipper designed. 

It's a pretty clean and nice inside canvas bag with PRADA logo
So let's see how long it will take  to sell this  Prada handbag. 

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