Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extreme couponing Albertsons

Yesterday was a happy shopping day in Seattle. Even the rainy weather didn't bothered us at the end. Happy Lexi got her Cheerios, and juice within a couple gums.

Our shopping trip included 3 stores Albertsons, Safeway and Wallgreens.

Wallgreens out of the pocket was $8.70 and $4 registry rewords for the next trip
SafeWay out of the pocket $0, used gift card to get 2lb cheese Was 50% off - $3.49
Albertsons out of the pocket $21.47 and got back $7 + $4.5 for milk + $3 in catalina on Cheereos and V8 juice.


It was my first time when I got Emerald Breakfast on the go to try - and I love it. Great surprise was at the evening when I was ready to through away box - I looked inside and there is a $1.5 coupon on ANY 2 Emerald Nuts ...

I know that many of us got this boxes so be sure to clip these coupons.

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Somsi said...

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