Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Photo - Fast Sale

Photos make Everything

Want sell more ??? – make your Photos Look great! It had been told thousands time – that now is the Internet shopping time. Just put yourself on the buyers place – and ask yourself why I will buy this item from my shop – or why not ?!
Does your photos better or worst from the seller who sells similar items ?!
You see that your goods much better – and they needs better photos … Then let’s fix it. I’m not a PhotoShop user at all. All That I’ve got now – it’s SONY camera Light box and Picasa 3. That’s all! My hubby download Picasa once – and now I’m in love with it! It have some cute features I use most of the times
And If you feel Like you need some help with photos the first 10 people who post comment here will get my help to fixing photos for free. Why am I doing this – because I want to help you make more sales.
I’m not professional – but if you like my work you can give me a chance to help you .

And take a look at different photos – before and after


sleeping poet said...

Thanks for following! I'm following yours, too. Best of luck with your shop. This photo-tips entry is great!

Margarita or KnotartWa said...

Thank you - Please feel free send me one of your photo for retouch - if you need or would like me to do this :)! :)

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