Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bar link chain review and feedback

Review bar link chain jewelry supplies.

In this post I’d like to make review of one of my most used bar link chain. If you never worked with this chain you definitely should give it a try. In my shop I’ve got it in Sterling silver and 14K GoldFilled as by the foot or buy wholesale.

bar link chain gold sterling bar-n-link chain

The size of the solid bar is 7x1mm it’s not a tube. Te size of the ring link connector is 3mm and the ring is soldered. You can be sure it’s a pretty strong chain.

I used this chain in a many style and design and got only positive feedback. Never broke, not to heavy not to light.

Here is the feedback from one of my customer!

"This is the very chain I've been searching for. Being an avid Artfire-Only buyer, I was thrilled to see it available here, at GreatSupplies!

The shimmering effect is one I crave and one I've wanted to offer in my designs for my customers/clients. This is a solid chain and while it seems dainty, it is incredibly strong. I try to exclusively use only solid metals in my work, and I very much prefer Sterling Silver or Gold-Filled, so this has been tremendous! Thanks, in no small part, to the solid construction of this Bar-n-Loop chain, I have the quality-control confidence necessary in my supplies. As a designer, it is paramount.
ExquisiteStudios jewelry
Emily Schmitz-Zieman


Anonymous said...

How cool?! What a treat this was to give a review of your supplies! They really ARE amazing :) I wish you much success! Emily-ExquisiteStudios

Roger said...

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