Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holidays gift ideas birthstone

blue topaz white gold
Holidays are coming Let's start gift shopping for christmas. As I'm into fine jewelry let me give you some gift ideas by birthstones in November and December. You can find some of my work at my shop and new BLOG POST about December Birthstone Jewelry

November‘s original Birthstone was Yellow Topaz and the Sagittarius Zodiac stone. November's modern gemstone, Citrine, is as warm as a Van Gogh painting of sunflowers. The name Citrine comes from an old French word, "citrin", meaning lemon. The gift of Citrine is symbolic for both hope and strength. With its warm brightness, this gemstone is ideal for enabling anyone to get through the tough times in life!

December’s Birthstone Blue Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word "tapas," meaning fire. This is because Blue Topaz was considered by ancient civilizations to have cooling properties. Blue Topaz is the hardest of the silicate minerals. The three shades of Blue Topaz are Sky, Swiss and London Blue. The latter is the deepest blue; traditionally a gift of Blue Topaz is symbolic of love and fidelity. The white topaz is a strikingly beautiful stone, often laced with golden edges or flecks. As with most white stones, the white topaz has is associated with the air element and clarity of vision, thoughts and emotions. Egyptians referred to white topaz as the "gem of the sun" and wore it as a way to invoke the protection of the Sun God Ra.

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