Monday, June 20, 2011

I made it Macrame hemp neckalce

macrame hemp neckalce

Old style but new look

Macrame is one of the world’s oldest crafts which continue to survive in different mediums throughout the years. Most popular are plant hangers, how else can such a variety of pot hangers be made to create so many different looks from only a few inexpensive materials. I remember back in the 80-90th Macrame Curtains were also popular and I was the one of those who could make it. One of my latest creation black hemp necklace with moonstone pendant. By using only 2 knots you might create something like this. In this necklace I used Chinese crown knot and double half hitch knots The hardest knot is Chinese one, but after couple hours of practice and most important potions you will get there and believe me you will be proud of yourself. So here are examples of these 2 knots. Try and you’ll find it interesting!

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