Monday, June 20, 2011

Extreme couponing Target

Thank you A THRIFTY MOM for her post about Q-TIP Deal at Target. While I was there I found a couple great deals as well.

First transaction

Q-TIPS 4* 1.89Total $7.56

Used GiftCard – $1.42

Out of the pocket $6.30 (with tax)

Got $5 in gift card back

Second transaction

Ritz Crackerful $2.48

Craft cheese (clearance) 2*0.99

Kids boots$2.48

Baby shampoo $1.89

Total $8.83 ( + tax)


Craft cheese $1 off (Target)

Ritz $1 off (Target)

Ritz $0.75 manufactured

Gift card $5

Out of the pocket $0.76

Total out of the pocket $7.06 (with tax)

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