Monday, June 20, 2011

Space Needle restaurant

An evening at the Space Needle restaurant

The evening was a dream come true, after almost 6 years of living in Seattle we finally got a chance to visit the historical Sky City restaurant in the Space needle. Well 6 years was too long, I had always thought of the Space Needle as a tourist location rather than a destination for pleasure. When the time came for me and my husband to have a date at the Space Needle I was more than a little nervous. A new place and a new experience, plus a rare night out without children to clean up after!

Our reservation was set at 5:15pm and we made sure to arrive there around 4pm to have time to walk around and take some nice pictures to remember the night by. We parked our car at the convention center covered parking, but had we known that valet parking was so close in price we could have saved a few blocks walk!

When you decide to have your evening there, make sure you set your reservation up weeks in advance. We could get one only at 5:15 pm, as all others were booked. We wanted a bit later in the evening, but it worked out just fine as we got to see the sunset from the upper observation deck. Your elevator ride and time on the observation deck are included when you have a meal.

Tip 1. Advance reservation is a MUST

Tip 2. Parking you have many options

Tip 3. Arrive early to get a window seat, first come first served.

Tip 4. Have cash on hand as with parking as well as all there is to do in the area, it is nice to not have to hunt for an ATM!

I couldn’t believe that entire restaurant would rotate 360 degrees, showing the whole city and Puget Sound. The first 30 minutes I was trying to collect myself, because all my emotions were screaming “Wow!” as the smells the views and the service just kept coming. I thought that I wouldn’t need to eat and just enjoy all the views, but the first appetizer and drink sure cured that idea!

Want to see what we ordered ?! CLICK HERE


Teresa Wilkinson 1984 said...

your pictures are amazing I was in Seattle earlier this month and did not have a chance to see the space needle, now I have to go back

MyWayToSay said...

Thank you :) Come back to read the second part :) most fun with the photos of testy food :)

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Glad you finally got to the restaurant ~ ^_^ ~ i am charmed by your jewelry work ! Do make them all yourself and do you like Art Fire? thanks for posting ~ visiting form Blog Frog ~ ^_^

MyWayToSay said...

Thank you ArtMuse)Yes - everything what I make I make by myself. Do I like ArtFire - yes and no.. I sell on my site and at my Russian site. I don't promote my artfire at all. It's just a gallery for me.

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