Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shopping on etsy reviews

Shopping on ETSY

FineEmbroidery shop has been featured on one of the blogs I’m following, please read the FineEmbrobery interview. Today I am happy to show you my latest purchase on Etsy and am reviewing this item for you.

The item I purchased is a doorknob hanger embroidered with Chinese Feng Shui symbols and it is used as a money magnet. I absolutely love it! I made my purchase on September 30th, good follow up by the seller as I got a message when my order was shipped along with the tracking number. By the 4-th of October it was at my door and I was holding it in my hands.

So Score for shipping 10 out of 10!

Next big point, packaging; I got it not in the usual Ziploc bag as I normally receive many of my purchases from Etsy. It was in very nice handmade box with a bowl and lovely hand written note.

So score for the packaging 10 out of 10.

Now the Hanger and how it’s made!

The door knob hanger very well done, made from olive color polyester sewn into a pillow with gold metallic embroidery. It is stuffed with poly fill and sewn to a metallic chord for hanging. I am not very good at reading descriptions; I am more the impulsive buyer. From the picture I thought it would be a bit smaller but the size is just right. One more thing, I love the cute bead sewn at the bottom of this doorknob hanger.

So the score for description 10 out of 10 (PS I only got 5 out of 10 on the fact that I need learn to read and not just buy stuff)


- Money well spent

- Got great ideas for the Christmas gifts to my family.

- Totally will be back for more purchases from this seller.


getarround said...


TonyaUtkina said...

Wow! I had no idea such wonderful items exist. I better hurry up before the FineEmbroidery shop at is sold out completely!

Jacqueline Gikow said...

Beautiful and a great review

five stones said...

That looks very exquisite and well-made! Sidebar, those aren't "fengshui symbols" but simply the chinese character meaning "money".

Diana said...

Very good review! That's a great idea to review purchases like that.

(P.S. You should also check out to buy and sell on - there are no fees or commissions so more money goes to the hard working sellers)

Fine said...

I am very happy that Rita was pleased with the pillow.
I am inviting everybody to my stores. Everything I make, I do make with sincerity and love, and, indefinitely all items are with positive energy.

IrinaN said...

It seems I need to go shopping in Lana's store :)

Julia said...

Just curious as to how big it was and also, how much? I grew up in Singapore and Taiwan and am looking to put a slight twist into my wedding...I like the design of this and think it could probably be used as a cute Christmas ornament if it were small you have any more info on the piece?

MyWayToSay said...

Hi, Julia. I'm sorry I'm getting back to you a bit later. I think it will be a great wedding gift to your guests :) Please feel free to contact and ask more questions :)

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