Thursday, October 14, 2010

Etsy On Sale reviews

Etsy on Sale my review
I’d like to share with you my first try of the new application powered by Etsy On Sale. After reading some threads on ETSY forum I decided to try and see how it will work for me. If you haven’t heard about this new feature – CLICK here to find more information.

1. Following all the steps – I could sign up and it take me less than 5 minutes to start running this application. So big plus for this.
2. Before putting all shop items on sale I decided to make a first try with only several items – I stopped with 12. I created new section in my Etsy shop Last chance and put everything I want to put on sale there.
3. After pre-work in my Etsy shop has been done – I went back to Etsy on sale and Scheduled my first sale. I was running it October 13-th from 12am till October 14-th 12Am – so 24 hours.
4. The day before I start tracking how many items on Sale were in my section Jewelry. On the 12-th it was 9772 items .. when I start it was 9 934 and during the day it was 10 644 and 10 548. (well it’s well known fact that it’s too many jewelry on Etsy)

So now the time of the first results.
1. During my scheduled sale I was visiting Jewelry section and I saw my items (only 2 of them) – and only 2 times.
2. I got feeling that I never gone through all 10 000 items – after 10-11 scrolls items start repeating … I start seeing the same items again and again
3. There is no Search options so it’s hard to find things you might want to buy. It’s like more than window shopping .
4. I didn’t promote this sale and result is 0
5. After looking at my GA for the sale period of time – no one visit from Etsyonsale came to my Etsy shop.

What I’m going to try to do with the next Sale ?!
I set my next sale on weekend and I’ll try to make some FACEBOOK , Twitter, and Forum promotions. I’m going to put all my 76 items for sale and we’ll see the result.

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Jacqueline Gikow said...

Good review. It doesn't help to put things on sale if you're not promoting them. Etsy on Sale just does the grunt work of listing. You still have to promote your sale.

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