Thursday, September 30, 2010

Christmas shopping rush

Be ready for Christmas rush

The Christmas rush is around the corner. Starting October and to the December it’ll be very busy days for those who sell handmade art on-line or at craft show. And it’s time to be ready. I went the other way, not regular. Usually I stock up with the right jewelry supplies, mailer, gemstones, scotch tape – you name it. Those who sell they good on-line for more than one – two years will easily understand me.

I decide to start with the good energy gathering. Leaving in Seattle you never know what kind of weather will be in the next hour. So I skipped this information early in the morning when the sky was grey and no sign of the lovely weather took my family and we run to the park and then to the beach. Lucky we everything is around the corner. Yost Memorial Park in Edmonds was the first stop. We were hunting mushrooms and wild berries (Don’t be scary – hunting was with my lovely photo camera).

After this little trip we became hunger and it was lunch time so we moved to the Edmonds Marina Beach. Home made barbecue chicken some salads and we are in fun games again. Love that place. Even it’s the end of September me and my baby were having fun playing in the water. And my dear husband did a great job making photos

After such a great day I got my energy for the next working week with my on-line shops. See you all at my on-line shops fine handmade jewelry MyWayToSay and jewelry supplies shop GreatSupplies


Yulia Kazansky said...

Cool! I am glad you got to the ocean today, it was really nice day.

SocksAndMittens said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day at the beach. Great photos!

IrinaN said...

You, girls, are sweet :)

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