Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sterling silver citrine ring

These top grade faceted citrine gems are wire wrapped on a hand hammered sterling silver band. The gems were layed out in a square shape with a clear citrine stone in the middle, it has definate sparkle and the design is super light on the hand. My favorite feature of this design is the rustic simplicity, it will not look like a store bought ring or like the one your friend just got at the craft show... a little charmer for sure!

If you are interested in these cute ring - I'll be happy to see you at MyWayToSay shop.

You can PURCHASE this ring at any time.

Now I'm more than happy to show you these ring with 3D view.


Yulia Kazansky said...

Awesome ring! And very interesting presentation! How did you do this?

MyWayToSay said...

I used first 14 days free - then 10$ per month - so now I'll see if it will bring more sales )

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