Monday, December 7, 2009

ETSY Gift Guide secret

ETSY Gift Guide secret

In this post I’d like to share with you some little tips how to stay in Gift Guide a bit longer. If you know this secret your are smarter then me. LOL J

So the first thing in the morning – go to the great place HEART-O-MATIC - type your store name and click on Featured section.

If you found one of your item featured in a Gift Guide – make sure that you’ve got 2 of this items in stock!!! It’s very important!

If your item will be sold from Gift Guide you’ll be out of there. But if you’ll have 2 in stock one sold one will stay there

Lucky you ! More people will see you there!

I still have this item in Gift Guide I sold at list 10 of them and half of this was from Gift Guide!

One more thing! I noticed that 90% of my customers are the buyers only or the people who are purchased the same day the sign up with Etsy!

Hope this was a helpful tip for you!


SleightGirl said...

Great tip! If I'm ever in a gift guide, I'll be sure to do that. :)

Cuffé Shop said...

it is an interesting post. Does it mean that if all the sellers follow your advice they will block the spot for themselves and other sellers will not be able to get into it until the admin decides to change it all?

Annabelle said...

Cool! Thanks for the tips.

Linda Pruitt said...

Interesting tip!

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