Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well Behaved KeyChains

After selling tones of Rings, Necklaces I got a custom request on hemp keychain with this lovely bead.
It was my best selling item in December 2009 on Etsy.
Let's see what hemp and beads can make to my best selling item of 2010 ?!
That was a first try and I actually like it!
If you like this style and have someone who will love this quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich I'd be happy to custom made with other color of hemp !

It might be a great Valentines day if you order it with the red hemp :)! some ideas for shoppers


Patricia Hecker said...

Hemp rocks! Nice to see it being used!


MyWayToSay said...

thank you so much Patricia! Yes I found hemp when I came to USA 4 years agow :)! and now I love it :)!

Joseph said...

Nice experience shared. Its not less than an interview. Great way of posting such good and informative stuff.Key chains

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