Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feng Shui jewelry

Feng Shui jewelry.

This NECKLACE has been inspired by my lovely money tree plant (or jade plant or dollar plant).

The Jade Tree honors the jade plant as a feng shui remedy that attracts wealth and prosperity; Chinese jade as a precious stone imbued with both mystical power as well as healing properties; and the tree as the Tree of Life, a symbol of strength, wisdom, and longevity in many cultures.

I had this beautiful Swarovski crystal pendant and it’s looks the same as a jade plant! So now I’ve got my jade tree NECKLACE with me all the time. And the wealth will come!

The necklace is 16 inches. The size of the pendant is 20x12mm. Fancy gold filled chain and a spring ring clasp with 2 mystical Swarovski crystals They are light amethyst but during the night they change color on light green!

1 comment:

Rachael Thomas said...

This is beautiful, I love jade.

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