Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ETSY featuring artists Day 1

Christmas shopping will start in a couple days, that’s the main reason why I want to start browsing great site Etsy and feature different artists. So come back every morning to see who is next? And if you want to be one of them – just post a comment with the link to your ETSY shop and I’ll visit you.

Today is a very grey and rainy day here in Seattle so my first artist will be IrinaPhotography. Just take a look at some of Irina’s work and you will understand why she is number one in my featuring list!

"My name is Irina.

Photography is my hobby. I have taken pictures since I was a teenager. My favorite genres are Still life and Landscapes.

I would be honored for my pictures to grace your walls. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will respond.


You can find her at


Tom Bjorn Designs said...

that's a great idea.. i mean featuring others... :)

IrinaN said...

Thank you, Rita!-)

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