Thursday, August 18, 2011

Artist spotlight Karen Keith Creations

broom-cast silver pendants

I usually run into other artists when I am out with my husband, some are good, or some are questionable. However occasionally I run into someone who is an inspiration and on this occasion I am writing about I was not only inspired by the art. I was inspired by the artist herself, the art she created and the method in which she creates the art. It is rare that I talk about another artist on my blogs or feel compelled to do so. So in today’s topic I am putting focus on Karen Keith of Arlington WA,, she is a math teacher and a wonderful spirit.

I had gone with my family to the Maplewood gem club show on Sunday afternoon to see if we could find a few types of cut stones I needed to finish a project. I had only seen the usual rocks and jewelry pieces, when I came to Karen’s booth I saw her wonderful silver wire work done with taste and then my eye caught these striking freeform silver shaped turned into magical pendants. So I tried to learn more about her and how she created these unique examples of silversmithing.

Karen uses recycled/reclaimed silver and pours it freeform into bristles from a broom to gain their basic unique shape. She polishes them and adds stones to add up to really beautiful necklaces and pendants. She was kind enough to let out her secrets and to take time to talk a bit, I found a warm caring woman full of energy and life.

broom-cast silver pendants
There was a very good article written on her in the Everett Herald that will give you more insight into Karen’s unique art..

You can also go to her website. Karenkeithcreations or reach her at Either way tell her Rita sent you, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Karen really does lovely work! Thanks for sharing :D

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