Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Infinity jewelry collection

2011 infinity collection

It's time for Christmas shopping

Infinity collection - worldwide shipping

So what does infinity mean to you? Everyone has different representations to symbolize its meaning. During the creation of these pieces I had hot thought of the simple versions kike: forever, never ending, or without end. I was inspired by beyond, whether my creations were beyond or not was not the idea. I wanted simplicity to show the owner of these lovely pieces, they are meant to simply embellish your beauty and not be focal pieces, nor are they to out shine the stones. Just to simply show that you are beyond and your statement is you and that is infinite because we all are ever-changing. It will not matter whether it is your personality or your wardrobe that changes, this collection will be able to be worn anywhere, anytime, anyplace… infinitely with you.

Welcome to see VIDEO of "Infinity Collection"

gold infinity jewelry

Gold infinity necklace wire wrapped and hand hammered jewelry

gold infinity jewelry
Gold stud earrings infinity collection
gold infinity jewelry
Gold bracelet infinity collection. Natural tourmaline and 14K GF

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