Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 1-st - my Loosing pounds life

So yesterday was not as bad as I thought it'll be ..
I think the most difficalt was to see how my baby and hubby were eating icecream at 10pm :)! But I did it - NO smell - No try - No eat!! Good Start!!

Day 1.

Start 228 pounds

9am – wake up
10am Breakfast

2 donuts with 2 cup of coffee (milk – no syrup or sugar )


10 minutes Exercise

Lunch : Soup – chicken broth + 1 small potato + a little of pasta for soup + broccoli + carrot + 1 egg – LOVELY!!! 1 piece of chicken (baked in the oven)


Dinner : Thin cut stake on the grill + salad carrot cabbage tomato

Day 2-nd start with 227,5 pounds :!)

1 comment:

urban nomad said...

rita, why eating fruits is so critical? what if i would them before 12p.m or before 6p.m.?

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