Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I want to lose some pounds - YOU ?!

Done – Need lose weight!!!

I was trying to find something what can fit me and my style of livingJ - YES I LOVE SWEETS J and I want them .. so to tell NO to cakes – candy donuts – NOP – it’s not for me!

So I heard about this system long ago and now I’ll give it a try! It’s a Russian lady Katerina Mirimanova with her book – Minus 60 (so 60 is like minus 60 kgJ )

The whole idea is

1. You can eat as much as you want Sweets , fat and and and – you name it BUT this crazy stuff only till 12 AM !!!

2. You can drink as much as you want

3. Feel free to use salt but not to mush

4. Sugar honey - ONLY till 12 AM

5. Breakfast – MUST DO

6. Don’t count your calories

7. You can eat as much as you want – if you want eat – eat – and be happy

8. If you will eat a lot of fruits it can be hard to lose weight

9. Don’t eat after 6 p.m. – here is the key!!!

So here is to start with :! )

Every day I’ll try to post something new about this book - as a book in Russia I’m making a little bit of my translations … will try to make some similar diet style of weight loosing on English sites …

And today will be my first day

I’m starting with 228 pounds with the 5.8 feet tall

My goal will be 150 pounds - so I need to lose 78 pounds – and it’s around 40 kg J!

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Rita, I lost weight after both kids, using low carbo diet. It is really works! after second baby I lost 20 kilos already and I still dieting. You shoul eat no more than 40gr of carbo per day. If you love sweets, use non-carb sweeteners, look at a pack, make sure it's no carbo as splenda for example contains sugar, I use swiss-made "hermesetas". You can use them in desserts for example, whipped cream. I no eating bread, potato, rice, corn, pasta, sugar, no juice, very small portions of fruit, a bit of veggies. Mostly eating meat, fish, cheese (a lot!), eggs, nuts as snack(almond and brazilian are the best, no peanuts), strawberries as a dessert are great. It is really works, in short time i lost a lot, I can send you my pics before and after to encourage you :D

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