Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adding Animated Banners to your Blog

Ever wondered how you make you blog more interesting! What about adding Flash animations to your blog? I’m not a master of making this banners – let the professional make it wile you promoting your shop and making sales. I made mine at the Digitaldoodlebug . You can find her Booth at Bonanzle (one of the best place to sell anything you want)

See a sample of what can be done below, doesn't this look cool!

Now the trick!
After you got your animation you need to put it online , since Blogger does not allow you to upload any SWF, GIF files you need to upload them to your own webserver, or a free image server, in my case I put the GIF file at free image server .

I found the first one after I typed at Google Free image server and it was

After you download your banner there they will give you all the cods you will need to use in your blog, forum etc. Save them and you ready to make your blog much lovely!

Hope this post will be helpful for you!

If you still have any questions - Feel free to ask!

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Eline Oftedal said...

Very helpful! Thanks for shareing!

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