Friday, August 28, 2009

Shop Handmade soap !

Did you try to shop for Handmade soap ?! Why should you shop handmade soap?! Where is the best place to shop ??

I made this post with the help of many people who like Handmade soap!

Let’s count and find out why people buy handmade soap and maybe you will try to ?!

1. Handmade soap genrally has less or no chemicals in it.

2. Custome scents that you can’t find elsewhere

3. Because it lacks all the raunchy chemicals and detergents that are in 99% of all mass produced soaps - which makes skin sooo much healthier. (Commercial "soap" is detergent based with synthetic chemicals like SLS thrown in to create foaming to make you believe it works instead of it actually working. Then these companies will toss in a pathetically small portion of a real ingredient, like cocoa butter, and charge three times as much for their "luxury" "soap")

4. VERY reasonable prices on handmade soap

5. It’s made with love a personal touch

6. Natural ingridients

7. Handmade soap last longer

8. If you have allergies – you can always find one soap your skin will be happy with

9. HandMade soap is a pice of art nowdays!

10. Great for the gifts or just fo reasonable price treating for yourself

So here is the main 10 reasons to shop for handmade soap! Find yours! Shop for yourself of get ready for crystmas !

You can find soap for kids – well it will make them wash themselves with joy – because it’s a lot of funny sapes colors sizes out there on the soap market

You can find soap for adults (Wink)

You can find handmade soap for anybody!!!

So did I inspired you to spend couple $$ and try handmade soap ?!?!?!

Have fun shopping at ETSY


Then take a look at some of the soaps I prepered for you !


ScentsYouAreHere said...

Love your blog and the widget is great. Thank you for adding my soaps on it :)

Ten Digit Creations said...

Thanks for pushing Handmade! The benefits are unbelievable and there are so many to choose from. Of coarse, we think ours is the best, but the worst handmade soap is still better than the chemical bars you buy in the stores.

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