Thursday, August 20, 2009

Healing power of Copper

Here is some of the beautiful items I found on my new place were you can sell everything - Bonanzle

What does copper do in our body?
Copper is used by our body to support many health functions and copper deficiencies cause many health problems.
• Healing copper is an essential component of the natural pigment, melanin that gives color to our skin, hair, and eyes. Yes, copper helps stop our hair from turning grey and helps keep our hair thick.
• Healing copper is required in our body to make enzymes that stop our arteries from hardening and the resulting high blood pressure.
• Healing copper is required to support the enzyme lysyl oxidase. Lysyl Oxidase is used in the synthesis and maintenance of bone and connective tissue. If this enzyme is somehow not working properly, the maintenance breaks down. We believe that copper is essential to the activation of lysyl oxidase and supports both elastin and collagen, areas of great concern for arthritis sufferers.
• Healing copper is considered to have a positive influence on blood circulation and metabolism.
• Healing copper is considered a strong conductor of energy (considered an excellent combination with magnetic field therapy) as an aid for exhaustion.
• Healing copper is often known as the "Love Metal"… helping us open up to Love energies.

I was making researches and found this interesting article Analysis of Copper Bracelets for Arthritis: Do They Really Work?

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the jewellery designs are fantastic,i really enjoyed myself when i look at them.


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