Monday, March 12, 2012

Look What I Made

In today Look What I made blog I'm happy to share what I made for Tori Spelling.

As gifted to Tori Spelling !

When good luck smiles to you, you can get awesome great opportunity! That's happen to me and other 30 artists from The Artisan Group! We were lucky to get our names chosen in a raffle for Gift basket to Tori Spelling.

The time goes fast and Everything is ready to be send to Tori and her family.
I designed that beautiful jewelry set for Tori and her two daughters. Natural gemstones with gold. Carved pink Peruvian Opal with Garnet and Quartz .

celebrity gifts tori spelling
When I was creating this set I was also thinking about Mother's day gifts. I think it'll be cute if mother and daughter will have the same handmade jewelry. I hope she will like this set!

Soon it will be available for purchase at my store


boise jewelers said...

Nice collection of jewelry.I love every single piece you have shared here.Love the color of these jewelries.

Ketchup Chips said...

What would a man's man like Tori Spelling need jewellry for? He needs a set of wrenches or a case of beer?


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