Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Jewelry Challenge

wedding challenge jewelry

What is the biggest dream of most women? Typically it is the dream of finding a perfect love and a white wedding. In Russia most common month for weddings is September. So, I asked myself the other day :

What is the most popular wedding month in USA?”

After searching I found out that the most popular wedding months in United States are May 13.21%, June 15.97% and July 11.53%.

I need to encourage myself to design as many handmade wedding jewelry pieces as I can by wedding season, I will challenge myself to make at list one new piece a day. Our life is very unpredictable by nature and I don’t know if I can accomplish this, but I’ll aim to do most of it.

handmade wedding jewelry

My goal is to design jewelry using most popular wedding colors, most common dress styles, and to enhance different body shapes etc. Every day I’ll be posting one new design of jewelry here and directly to my website where you can find those pieces for sale at the Wedding collection.

If you are artistic and are making jewelry, then would like to take a challenge with me? Feel free to post your creations, it’s not necessary to post every day. Even if you will make 2-3 nice designs it’ll be great to share with the world.

Wedding Jewelry Challenge
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To submit your link I will ask you to share this banner into your blog and let’s spread the word about this challenge. It should be a fun wedding season for all!

At the end of each week I'll make a collage with all submitted handmade jewelry.



Irina said...

I am with you!
Day 1.
Crocheted airy necklace.
In my store
In my Russian blog

Diamond or gemstone said...

basicall m,any women look pretty cool in Ruby Jewellry

Irina said...

Day 2/ Earrings

Irina said...

Day 3
Beautiful felted flower

jewelry boise said...

wonderful work and beautiful products for another very worthwhile charity!!! you angels keep rockin'!!!

alex said...

Jewelry is part of the bride accessories. It add beauty to the bride.

vintage wedding accessories

John said...

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Indian Wedding Cards said...

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boise jewelers said...

Gorgeous couple...congratulations to the two of them as they start their life together.

Aditi Roy said...

Wow a great collection of wedding pics! A good post with selection of wedding jewelry snaps. Also you can take the design of Jewish wedding invitations with various circumstances then go through this

MyWayToSay said...

Thank you :)) I might consider )

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